Making that Final Push!


It’s Sunday already and will be back to the Monday grind. For me though, Monday is result day so I actually look forward to Mondays… lol. They call me weird! Monday is also a day off from intense workouts so that is also why I like Mondays. I just do a 30 min Yoga workout to stretch it all out and get my body totally relaxed and heal up again for the next 6 days of challenging myself towards my goals. I’ve already have my 6 day workout schedule planned and ready to go. Like meal planning, having a balance workout is very important. If you ready my previous entries, I made the mistake of having two legs days workout on the same day.  I had a hard time walking, climbing stairs, and standing from sitting position. That lasted for a few days so it ended up ruining my other workouts.

Planning is key to everything in life. Though planning isn’t always perfect, nothing really is, it gives you a big picture of what you need to do and make adjustments as they come. As the saying goes, “No one plans to fail but they fail to plan.”  Risks occur when people don’t invest the time to plan ahead and it doesn’t take too much time once you do it again for a second, third or more times around.  It’s about creating a system for yourself and making adjustments when situations arise. Putting a plan together is one part but observing it as well is just as important. I see people who makes plans on assumptions and not experiencing how it will work in actuality. It creates problems and that is where tension and loss of productivity occurs.  You need both to create progress.

I really pushed myself this weekend and lost 5 inches from last week. I lost a total of 13.5 inches overall. I can feel the difference and soon I will be able to see the difference. Summer is so going to be sweet! The stuff I held myself on doing for years is going to empower me and hopefully others to make that commitment in themselves. People are not willing to take the journey unless they see significant results. That is totally fine with me. I’m willing to lead by example and share my experience that I still need to accumulate! These things have a way on making that full circle.  I just need to do my part and the rest will follow!

Ryan Jarata

Challenge Set!


I’ve got my jog in. Feeling great since I pushed myself past my ‘Comfort Zone’. A new and longer location and and longer time. Before I was jogging the same route over and over last year. Two Saturdays ago I jogged the same route to see how I will do after losing 30 lbs and cleaning up lab tests from my bloodwork. I was really happy that I was able to do the whole route without stopping at all. It was a majority of incline then a decline on the last portion of the route. My surprise though was that it took me under 19 mins to do it. I was expecting that I would be home in 30 mins. So yesterday I challenged myself to 30 mins of running. See how far I will get in 15 mins and run back home. It would be hard to judge from the last Saturday run since it was a different route but I now have a ground route to challenge myself for next weekend. It was empowering to see how far I got and not stopping at all through the entire session.

Life is full of challenges. But if you don’t take them on you will never know where you are at and how to get to where you want to be. People live in comfort and that is totally fine. It is those that struggle internally but are afraid to take on the challenge or risk. Everyone want to get to the destination but are not willing to take on the journey. People forget that the journey is what creates more opportunities. It empowers you to know what you are capable of doing and the experience teaches you more than just receiving the prize and losing it right after. Situations do not hurt enough to make people change for themselves. They look for an easy and risk free way to get to the prize but those only come when you learn yourself first and learn how to manage the risks. No one has a clue, where they are at and have not setup concrete goals and reminders. They just go with the flow and answer to emotions or how they are feeling that day. They go day to day just waiting for the weekend to come. I am one of those people myself but I put in 30 mins – 1 hr minimum each weekday towards the weekend. I know what I’m doing with my 8 hrs of work and what it is going towards in the future or building for the future ‘Plan B’. But this only comes from finding where you are at each day and challenging yourself for more. Remember, it is about the journey that will create the difference towards your destination!

Ryan Jarata

This is My Year!


Wishing my Chinese friends Xin Nian Kuai Le and Gong Hey Fat Choi! I always mentioned that 2015 will be my year and literally I was born in the Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram.  A year of potential and possibilities for prosperity. Especially with my new passion to getting healthy, fit and encouraging others to do the same thing. I know it will be a slow process but if I keep consistent and perseverse regardless of any outcomes, I will create a difference in the future.

I’m already excite of what has happen and opportunities that are already presenting itself. I just need to organize myself better and get closer to my ultimate weight goal so I can focus on maintaining than over doing myself every day. I want to break the 170 lbs wall and get into the 160+ lbs group in the next 2 to 3 weeks. I’ve challenged myself before and I can definitely do it again.

I must work like my life depends on it and it really does. I’m 35 and my eldest son will be starting Kindergarten this September and 4 more years my 2nd son will be starting also. I’m not getting young and past my peak so staying healthy and fit is more of a challenge. So I want to make the most of my time and be able to do what I can before time runs out. I don’t want to keep running and jumping around like I did in my 20s or the last 15 years. It is time for me to really take responsibility for myself and most importantly my family.

Title Claimed!


Finally! I have finally hit the 30 lbs loss mark. I started at 206 lbs when I first got started on Nov 24th, 2014 and hit 175.9 lbs this morning! I no longer need to keep saying, “I loss ‘UP TO’ 30 lbs!” I can finally drop the ‘UP TO’ part and officially say, “I loss 30 lbs!”  You should have seen my face when I stepped on the scale this morning. I was like a kid who just received an unexpected surprise. I’ve been battling the last 3 weeks for 2-3 lbs to get to that 30 lbs loss mark. I’ve tried to be consistent so far but life is full of surprises that we can try to manage. I wasn’t hardcore or perfect for those 3 weeks but I’ve never let myself go or will never let myself go back to the old. What was the point of going through all that sweat and pain? I don’t want to drop ‘UP TO’ and replace that with ‘I DID’ because that is even worse. I’ll just be a pig that has returned to the mud after being cleaned. This is about new habits that are replacing old ones.

My friend got into a head-on accident on Wednesday. She was watched over that day because she walked away with pains from the air-bags deploying. I’m praying for her speedy recovery and that He continue to watch over her as she heals and get back on her feet. She is an amazing person and wonderful to be around with. Material things can be replaced but wonderful and amazing people can not. No price it to big when people that you car about is hurting. We must do what we can to raise their spirit so that the recovery will speed up. The human body requires positve joys and happiness to function properly. Life is truly short if we dwindle on what we could have done and/or be. We can only focus on each day given and make the most of each day that ‘He’ gives up. I will empower her to heal and we should all reach out to people who need that energy to get to the next level!

Not so Bad


Despite the cheat meals yesterday, I wasn’t too far off. It is in range to focus today and get it done. Time is scarce again but I was able to do two workouts for a total of 35 mins and stay on track with my meals today. Hopefully, my body heals and lets go of those excess fluids that were used to repair my sore muscles. Either way, I’m going to keep pushing myself to be consistent everyday with my workouts and meals.

So much to do everyday. Truly 24 hours not enough when you are working 25 hours a day. I was even late today with all that grind and appointments yesterday. I am going to force myself to sleep on time so I can tackle all my tasks early right after work. I’ve been flatlined for 3 weeks so it really time to get on track again and really focus. The funds are starting to dwindle so that means I’m spending too much out again. This program helped put money in my pocket I need to challenge myself to stay on track again.

Results create success and I need to get closer to my ultimate goal and show that ‘After’ photo. Creating bigger goals is the only way to do it.  I must have a mix of short and long term goals to be routine enough to stay on track but have the emotions to drive myself through those routines with passion. Two more days to go to get to another level of focus. I’m going to start posting my weight every Friday to keep myself accountable during the weekends when I’m out of the corporate routines. Only then I can keep consistent and push myself towards a healthier and stronger me.

Ryan Jarata

Setting an Example


I am back on the regular routine. Still feeling my legs from the jog last Saturday but that only means that I’ve reached a new level of fitness when my body needs to repair itself from something new. Cannot wait to see my weight for this Friday so I can challenge myself for this weekend. I really needed the stretch from the Yoga Fix to make every Tuesday a new fresh start to the week. It really shortens the period of time for me to get my short-term goals done before the weekend. Instead of feeling like the weekdays are too long and a drag, it really buts a fire under my bottom to get focus and get on track. We will see how it works out this Friday.

I really need this and to get on track for my 2 very young boys. Today, my eldest son (5yo) had a revisit to see what he is allergic to and to see 15 different areas flare up buts a heavy weight on my heart. Inside me I feel like I’ve passed on bad genes because I’ve neglected what I put inside my body and not taking an active charge on my fitness. I feel like I’ve failed them before they were even born. That is why I want to set an example from here on out and that isn’t by words but physically setting an example. Not only on how I look but the lifestyle I will carry forward from here on out.

Setting an example and having the disciple to do it 24/7 not only to the world but in your own home is not only a challenge but the only way for anyone to succeed in life. Whether it is in business, coaching, profession, guru, role-model, etc. any slip up can have a lasting impression for future transactions. It can be the difference of friends and family referring their network to you or going another route because they want to make sure that their network is taken care of.  It isn’t how much money you make each day from one client but the longevity/recurring times that person will comeback to you and refer others to you. I really need to set this example before my two boys become aware or before they start Kindergarten so that they build strong relationships with their friends that will last the test of time!

Ryan Jarata

Relax Day with Yoga


Just finished my Yoga workout. Feels great to stretch it all out and feel very relaxed. I’ll probably move it to Sunday and join an actual Yoga class to take my fitness to another level. Will see what the wife think about it.  I really want to get more flexible and challenge myself to outdoor activities. Feeling younger again… lol. My legs are still a little sore from the job but not as bad as I thought. Looking forward to this Saturday and doing another jog. Going to challenge myself for 30 mins each day and see how far I get on each journey.

Feel like I can conquer the world each day. Just feeling great that I can do more each day and challenge myself to another level. What was hard and unable to fully complete is now fun and getting through 95% of each workout. Need to strengthen my core and improve on my lunges. Going to need to up my weights soon to get stronger. Need to plan my week since I’m dropping one of my workout programs to a more intense and high pace one. I’m already in the 2nd week of 5 weeks. I’m starting to nail each workout so I’m very pleased.

This is going to be a wonderful week to hit a new low in my weight loss. Time to push myself this week and try a little harder. Anyways, I’m starting to repeat myself here so I’ll end my post here. Wish me success towards a new me! \o/

Wrapping up the Weekend!


Enjoy sometime out with the wife at a Mexican Restaurant that we wanted to try for awhile. We both worked yesterday so we didn’t join in the special day festivities. Probably for the better, saw the waiting list paper work for yesterday and it was really long. It is okay with us because everyday we celebrate life and our love for each other and our two boys. They are our world and we will do our best to give them the best opportunities to be fit, healthy, active and many paths of opportunities.

I did two 30 min workouts today. One was for tomorrow but from now on I will be reserving every Monday as my healing and Yoga Fix Day. I do not want to make the mistake of stressing my body and compromising my form and ability to push past my limits for the other 6 days. I will be starting to breakdown my goals by weeks instead of 3 weeks. Still be doing the required workouts for my main workout program, Focus T25: Beta Cycle and keeping my meal regiment with the 21 Day Fix Portion Control program. I will top up here and there each day with 10 Min Trainer, Pilates Fix and outdoor activities. Going to make either Saturdays or Sundays a 30 min jog.

I’m feeling really good now and with my outlook in life. I know I have something that will keep me fit and healthy. With that also, I know new doors and opportunities will open up for me. People are starting to take notice of my changes and it is up to me to work to be better each and everyday. I know that I’m not a machine but I will strive to be an example because people depend on me to break barriers and ceilings. Life has put clamps on us and we preceive them as chains when they are actually ropes or strings depending on your fitness level… lol. We can do it as long as we challenge ourselves each day to be better. Better than we were yesterday!