Making that Final Push!


It’s Sunday already and will be back to the Monday grind. For me though, Monday is result day so I actually look forward to Mondays… lol. They call me weird! Monday is also a day off from intense workouts so that is also why I like Mondays. I just do a 30 min Yoga workout to stretch it all out and get my body totally relaxed and heal up again for the next 6 days of challenging myself towards my goals. I’ve already have my 6 day workout schedule planned and ready to go. Like meal planning, having a balance workout is very important. If you ready my previous entries, I made the mistake of having two legs days workout on the same day.  I had a hard time walking, climbing stairs, and standing from sitting position. That lasted for a few days so it ended up ruining my other workouts.

Planning is key to everything in life. Though planning isn’t always perfect, nothing really is, it gives you a big picture of what you need to do and make adjustments as they come. As the saying goes, “No one plans to fail but they fail to plan.”  Risks occur when people don’t invest the time to plan ahead and it doesn’t take too much time once you do it again for a second, paxil times around.  It’s about creating a system for yourself and making adjustments when situations arise. Putting a plan together is one part but observing it as well is just as important. I see people who makes plans on assumptions and not experiencing how it will work in actuality. It creates problems and that is where tension and loss of productivity occurs.  You need both to create progress.

I really pushed myself this weekend and lost 5 inches from last week. I lost a total of 13.5 inches overall. I can feel the difference and soon I will be able to see the difference. Summer is so going to be sweet! The stuff I held myself on doing for years is going to empower me and hopefully others to make that commitment in themselves. People are not willing to take the journey unless they see significant results. That is totally fine with me. I’m willing to lead by example and share my experience that I still need to accumulate! These things have a way on making that full circle.  I just need to do my part and the rest will follow!

Ryan Jarata

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