“Day 21 to VSR!”


Day 1 of my 3 week program. I finished my 30 min workout with a soaked shirt and sore Abs. I even did an additional 10 min Ab workout that hurt on the 1st rep to the very last rep. After this post I will stretch it all out with a 10 min Yoga. I skipped the run today to take the wife out on her day off. Brought fruits and water so my meal plan for the day wasn’t compromised. I weighed myself this morning and I have a lot of work to do.  I weighed in at 176 lbs this morning and my goal by April 19 will be 165 lbs.  Looks like I have my work cut out for me for this 5th round of my 3 week program. 11 lbs in 3 weeks won’t be easy but I did loss 13 lbs in the 1st round so I know it is possible.

Today’s workout marks my 300th workout. Would have done this maybe a week or two ago but that is the past now. Let us focus on today and make the most of it.  I am excited though that I am able to avoid all temptations today and I hope this will be the start to finally break 170 wall and earn my “40 lbs loss title.”  You can’t reach your health goals if you aren’t doing both workout and consuming the right foods each day…. each day. Not every other day but each day.  This is my commitment to myself and to my love ones and everyone else that I can help motivate.  This week will be quite for seminar, webinars and Meetups so I need to get that head start because the next two weeks will be a true challenge of staying on the plan.

I’ve done it before and I have to dig deep down inside and bring back that intensity and focus that I AM capable of. Life is turning out great but no way am I near to completing my race towards the future of my family. Bringing the best to their life but also being part of it every step of the way. I must stay healthy and experience every step and every achievement. I put my faith in His hands like I’ve always have and fear his judgement over mankind. That has always given me strength and have always broken walls and fears that I had of what people see of me. My life is mine to live and my path is mine to walk. Every challenge and experience makes me stronger and a better dad and husband. I love my family and I love life more than ever!

Ryan Jarata

Day 22 to Vancouver Sun Run


Got up really late today. Slept with my two boys last night but what kept me up was the pain in my left hip bone. The trouble with running a track is that it is an oval. If you run one direction you lean into the turn but opposite side of your body that isn’t facing the center of the oval doesn’t get the same exercise. That is why it is advise to run routes that balances out both sides of your body. I’m still feeling the pain on my left hip. I did some workout on my Abs and starting to see some definition on the top portion of my Abs. So far today is a rest day to get my legs back into shape before I start my 3 week program tomorrow. I can’t wait for this and aim at hitting 165 lbs during that time. Hopefully, by April 19th I will claim 2 titles that day. The title of: “Completing the Vancouver Sun Run” and “Losing 40 lbs”.

March Madness started out strong but faded on the last few weeks. My eating plan suffered at the same time as I was more away from the house than I normally was the last few months. With completing the acquisition of my new 2015 Honda Odyssey EX that took over a week to complete, a new project towards prosperity took over.  I’ve partnered up with some incredible people to work on a project that may change my community for the better. It will probably take a lot of my time each day till it takes life of its own. So I’m really looking forward to the weeks and months ahead. This will be a gamer changer to everyone involved.

1/4 of the year is almost done. It has been exciting so far and a lot of changes and opportunities have presented itself to me and to my family. Sometimes, it is sad that physical looks alone takes notice over the beauty of the person inside. I’ve been looked over when I was 206 lbs back then. Now that I’m around 175 lbs, I’m overwhelmed with opportunities. For me though, it hasn’t changed who I am. It has enhanced what I want to do for my family, my friends, and my community who have supported me before the weight loss. Time is a precious asset that can’t be wasted. I want to make the most of it and spend most of it with positive experiences and enhancing everyone’s life. Life is too short to be caught up with things out of your control. Focus on your growth everyday and the future will be bright.

Ryan Jarata

Day 23 to Vancouver Sun Run


What a jogging experience I had with my brother today. It was the 2nd time this week which was raining. We both ran on last Thursday and I did 15 laps at 37 mins. The Vancouver Sun Run is 10 KM long which translate to 25 laps. My goal is to achieve 3 laps every 5 mins or 5 laps every 10 mins which will be a tall challenge to achieve. I was able to average 2 laps and 100 m every 5 mins until fatigue started to hit at the 8th lap. I wasn’t able to keep that pace at the 12th lap but I was committed to challenging myself to 16 laps today.

I reached a deeper level or connection with myself. I started feeling the cramps after the 8th lap and I was unsure if I would be able to reach 16 laps especially keeping to my 2 laps per 5 min pace. As I mentioned before, I wasn’t able to keep that pace on the 12th lap but I started to question myself after that. I was hurting at this point and just had the motion or auto jog keeping my legs going. At that moment I wanted to walk and call it a day but I didn’t. My new challenge was at least make the 15 laps and stay consistent to that.

Time wasn’t on my mind anymore. It was the will to complete 15 laps like Thursday. It was raining so I couldn’t see the time at all. I only had my phone speak every 5 mins intervals. I was more like crawling or willing myself to those last 3 laps to 15 mins. And as soon as I cross that line to complete 15 laps, my legs kept on going. Time was not a factor anymore and I was able to survive the cramps during that time so what is the difference with another lap and hit my goal of 16 laps for that day. This is where I put my faith as my source of energy. As soon as I crossed that line to complete my 15th lap, I called to Him for 1 more. Just 1 more lap. That was all I kept saying for 350 meters. My face was grimacing already and I kept pushing forward. Once I came to that final turn, I asked Him to give me that final push to finish the race.

With the final 50 meters to complete 16 laps and additional 100 meters to sprint and cap off my run, my body was filled with Noze. All of the sudden, my sense of feeling from the pain, fatigue and cramps disappeared and I picked up my legs and just sprinted for 150 meters. Some will call it ‘Beast Mode’ but I won’t take that credit. I was given an opportunity to create change in myself and strengthen my belief that I can overcome anything with His help. Instead of finishing the race with pain on my mind, I was filled with joy and feelings of amazement. I was speechless at this point but He was on my mind and I am really looking forward to the next 22 days leading towards the Vancouver Sun Run. Thank you, Lord!

Ryan Jarata

“Training for the Big Race!”


It has been quite awhile since I wrote. It really has been a very busy week in the prosperity department. Thursday was the last major exercise I did with a jog with my brother, Allan, who challenged me to do the Vancouver Sun Run with him. Besides doing some 10 min Abs exercises, yesterday was the only time I had to myself and did a jog at the track.  Monday and Tuesday, I attended a few Meetup gathering relating to Real Estate.  Ended up sleeping for only 6 hrs total for both days so I crashed the whole day on Wednesday as soon as I got home from work. My body really needed to catch up with the sleep but I was really impressed with how long I was able to keep going for those two days. I won’t recommend it but it shows what happens when you take good care of yourself.  When you need to go the extra distance or work the 25th hour then you have the energy and focus to do so.

It was springbreak…. I think so it wasn’t busy at the high school track I go to. Besides the soccer players on the field it wasn’t that busy. My brother was already there before I was. He wanted to run for 1 hour but I wanted to concentrate on my 30 min workout/jog.  He ran from his house to meet me there so his regiment wasn’t compromise. My goal was to do 1 additional lap to build on from last Saturday’s jog. I was able (more like forced myself) to finish 15 laps at 37 mins. Missing my workouts from Monday to Wednesday had hit it mark on me. I really struggled halfway and into the 11th lap that I struggled on last Saturday. I am sore as I write this but I’m not in pain. I can feel some tightness in parts of my legs but it isn’t restricting my movement. I am pleased though that I was able to push myself and hopefully improve my endurance. The Vancouver Sun Run is 25 laps worth (10 KM long) so I want to get myself up to doing at least 70 % of the run. Usually you train for months for this but I couldn’t resist a challenge and want to discover myself again.

I can’t wait to get back to doing my program again. I was suppose to start it this week but with all the activities that me and my business partner attended I couldn’t build up any momentum. My wife and I also had errands for our eldest since it was photo day at his preschool. All that work and the little guy refused to take a picture at this Friday morning.  Sigh… my son. Looking forward to really getting back to my program this Monday. I did four rounds of previously before trying a different workout routine. This program helped me loss consistently and though I love the intensity of the last program. I wasn’t able to stay consistent mentally. I need the short term goals that my program provides me so I can hit my ultimate goal of 150 lbs faster through mini-segments and mini-wins.  After another meetup this Saturday morning, I will do my regular jog and what exercise I can squeeze in and a nice yoga session to prepare me for my 3 week long journey. Time to focus to a whole new level and the physical stuff is just a wonderful by product of what I can do for anything I put my mind to.

Ryan Jarata

“Turning Heads!”


Had a wonderful jog yesterday at the track near our house. Trevor and the wife joined me and it was busy because there was a soccer game for young/early teen boys. Had parents also watching the game so I had to be aware of my surroundings since soccer might be flying around. There were also two other teams waiting and practicing behind the nets and open areas while a game was being played. We were lucky to get there before that 2nd group came in so parking wasn’t a problem. Even had the spot right next to the entrance to the field. What an awesome Saturday turned out to be…. lol. Did our first grocery with our Odyssey and it was ‘No Tax’ Day! That by itself is a huge savings. Filled up most of the 3rd row area (seats folded down to the floor) and had space to sit 4 people and Trevor’s car seat.  Usually, with our Nissan Rogue it would be 4 bins in the back and 2 bin and bulky items in the middle area. A two people trip. It was a really good day and relaxing drive with the extra weight of 6 bins worth of groceries. Love our Odyssey!

Back to the jogging, started the first 200 meters with a walk and stretch. Then I started my 30 min clock to kick off my jog. My goal was to get some extra laps in but I had to be aware where the ‘Play’ was happening and other parents and players were standing so my focus and jog wasn’t completely there. I had to focus on not stopping and monitored how my body felt. I guess it came around the 9th lap when people noticed that I haven’t stopped or taken a break on my jog. Even the young soccer players that were sitting on the bench took noticed every time I pass them. Had parents in the stands make some comments, “What lap is that?” “Wish I was fit?”  If they only new that I only started doing this back on November 24th last year. Then they can see that it is possible to do it when they commit a little of their time towards physical health and trying to eat health each day. Doesn’t have to be a makeover or go ‘Cold Turkey’ on making a commitment to your health. Just need to take 2-3 seconds on your choices on what you consume and plan ahead before you start your day or week.

Felt the fatigue hit at the 11th lap but pushed myself to keep going. I had 4 mins left before I hit the 30 min mark so I kept going on my jog. Actually, upgraded to a run now to get at least to the 14th lap. It was even more of a challenge because the players that were getting to warm-up and kick soccer balls around. More parents/people arriving to the field and had some on the track. It was on the 13 lap I really pushed myself and did a sprint then a jog. I was around the 300 meter mark when the 30 min timer hit but I sprinted and had to sprint around people to get to the finish line. Might of angered some people but I had a goal to reach and challenge my body past its limits. It was the last lap so there was no point to keep gas in the tank. But I guess they understand once I started walking after I crossed the line. I started my walk and cool down on the final 300 meters of the 14th lap. I was very happy with my jog yesterday. I can definitely feel it as I right this. Little cramps here and there but I know in a few days once the muscle fully heal than that scale will be my friend… lol. It is pointless to look at the scale now because your body retains fluids to repair your torn muscle fibers.

Today will be my last day of Focus T25 Beta program. I will be going back to my 21 Day Fix program. I will definitely keep 2 non-stop workouts from T25 but I need the short-term program to keep focus and when I feel like giving up or taking an off-day, I realize I’m halfway there or on the final week of the 21 Day Fix. I will be doing my 5th round and saw results of 13 lbs, 5 lbs, 9 lbs and 3 lbs. From 206 to 176 lbs within those 4 rounds, that would be a 30 lbs loss. I’m currently around 172.4 lbs and want to get down to 150 lbs before I start bulking up. My goal is to burn off my fat areas and fill it in with muscles. I know I will have excess skin challenges once I get there and I accept that. I can see it on my arms and tummy as I work towards that goal. Watching a video from the brave and courageous, Matt Diaz, it is something we must accept and stand behind especially when we promote healthy leaving to other people. It doesn’t shame us one bit because I am able to do more stuff with the weight off and the energy that comes from it. It’s an uphill climb with down hill benefits and fun and I will not change the experience now. Life is a lot better now than it was before at 206 lbs and everyone around me is benefiting with this push and mission that I am on. It is living to the fullest and bringing people with you!

“The Busy Life!”


Super busy day yesterday which ended up being awake for 21 hours with 3 hours of sleep before work. But it was an amazing day though. Had lunch with a great friend, running a final errand between my vehicle dealership and my auto-plan agent, and finishing the evening off with a wonderful dinner with a wonderful couple and their two young boys. It was a very inspiring discussion and hope that it will lead to a wonderful friendship and also a bright & prosperous future. I wouldn’t trade that experience with anything when you get to meet and know friends more. It just adds to an already amazing life that just gets better and better.

Pounds can be gained and loss but experiences are priceless.  When you have the chance to uplift someone and bring value to their life it just inspires you to keep going. Through lack of sleep or fatigue, a surge of energy runs through you when you provide hope. I’ve been through many challenges and often pray for solutions. It is really funny how He works in mysterious ways. When you pay attention and not give your energy to the challenge, a way to achieve will present itself through people, situations and events. When you least expect it, an answer will come and help you rise through that challenge and many other challenges down the road.

I came across a video posted by one of my friends about failing harder. We tend to focus on the pursuit of perfection instead of learning from failures. We beat ourselves over those misses and mistakes instead of embracing it and uplifting yourself to a new experience. Experience learned and mastered can never be taken away from you. It only sets the foundation for you to rise to another level. It doesn’t make you better than the next person but gives you the ability to pay it forward and share your story with the next person that is looking for that experience to rise. When you can include others on your journey you create a wonderful legacy that will last for many generation.

“Am I ready?”


It got busy yesterday so I missed my Pilates workout. I was able to do 3 other workouts but I really need to get back down to my 173 weight ASAP and get break the 170 mark. I know there are room for improvements and I believe I can do that when I go back to the 21 Day Fix. I know that this is my last week of the Focus T25 Beta Cycle. It really is a tough and challenging program but I need to go back to what was simple and what worked for me. Especially when I was asked by my brother if I would be interested in doing the Vancouver Sun Run on April 19th. In my hay days this would have been on problem for me since I was a born runner but now I’m just jogging to get my stamina up and not competitive to place. I just want to finish the race without stopping.

2015 will be an amazing year. I am hype already to hike and take on British Columbia’s finest trails and activities. We have a new mini-van that will make it more fun to and from the location. I can’t wait for the Summer Season to start! Finished 2014 which created a wonderful momentum into this year! There are challenges that will come but I’m ready to take them on. All I can do is be prepared for anything. With a healthy body and clarity of mind, I don’t need to worry or put these challenges aside for another day. I just need to look at it head on, deal with it and move on!

I am not a perfect person but I have a renewed view into life. I just need to make minor changes everyday and be proactive towards progression. I will not let things hinder me again and sleep it off for the next day. I will exercise my body and my mind and push them to a new level of awareness and ability. For now, I’m grateful for each day given and each experience that I will go through. It only means that I am getting stronger to tackle on bigger challenges and bigger prosperity!

“More Family Day… lol!”


I was able to get my Abs workout in but after that it was time with the family again. Mostly errands but another excuse to take the new van out on the road… lol. Eating proper went out the window this weekend and it showed on the scale. Before I started my shift I was up to 177.3 lbs and got it down to 175.1 lbs at the end of work. Since my final week of Focus T25 Beta Cycle was interrupted with getting my vehicle purchase completed I’ve decided to repeat my final week again. I discussed with my wife what worked last time I started this journey and we decided to bag my meals of the day instead of just having it loose in the fridge. So what is in the bag is what I eat. Need to do what I can to finally break that 170 lbs barrier that has been taunting me for over a month now.

Life is really picking up in a wonderful way. I just need to keep on top also on what has been helping me succeed and getting me to where I am today. A lot of opportunities are presenting itself but I can’t neglect what was already working or my foundation. From here on out, I will be back on the 21 Day Fix and repeat it till I hit my ultimate weight goal of 150 lbs. One challenge is out of the way so I have until May till the next challenge comes up. I’ve been planning up to May to get my workout in order with fitness, finances and the future.  Those 3 will be my primary focus for July. After that a new challenge will begin and new experiences will open up.

Focusing for the day and making the most of it makes tomorrow better. I need to keep that in mind to keep my mind in a positive state of progression so that the rest of my life with my family will be brighter. Challenges will always be there but it is how we react to it and deal with it that makes the ultimate difference for the future. The past is meant to strengthen us and not prevent us from growing as individuals. We tend to shelter ourselves from the pain and emotion when things don’t turn out well. It is fine because we are humans and we feel through situations but it shouldn’t govern how we should live our lives. If you keep investing in yourself, life will get better down the road and not immediate. We look for quick solutions but they are actually temporary solutions. Being gifted an opportunity doesn’t teach us anything but only provides us with a certain time before it runs out. Learn and grow to the best you can possible be!

Coach Ryan

Family Day


Yesterday was such an awesome day. Took my wife, two sons and mother-in-law out to the mall and to a park by the waters. Thanks to our new mini-van, it gave us the space, comfort and peace of mind to enjoy the day and not having to worry about the drive.  I was still able to work on my Abs for 10 mins and do one 25 min workout before we went out. That fueled me up pretty well to get that clarity and focus to start the day out right. I’m just happy also that my wife was able to enjoy and not be squeezed between two car seats like she use to with our SUV. With our youngest son, we outgrew the vehicle and needed a van to feel less confined and stressed out.  We just had a blast yesterday and that all that matters in life.

With the days becoming longer heading to spring/summer, we also managed to go for a jog. It was suppose to be me and my wife along the sky train route but our 5 year old son really wanted to join us so we went to a track near our house. I was happy to see my son run the entire track by himself. No fear! It was just the 3 of us there and seeing him going on his own and completing a round was empowering. It reminded me way back during my teens when running was my forte and what I was known for. I competed in a lot of races and excelled in the longer distance ones. I wonder if my son will inherit my running abilities.

It was last summer when I ran that track. I usually completed 13 laps around it. 2 laps will be warm-up and cool down and the rest would be 200 meters of running and 200 meters of walking and usually I didn’t time it. But last night was empowering. I focused on sticking to the 30 min time that I usually do every Saturday. I did 12 laps in 30 mins. 2 laps for warming up and cooling down (lap 1 and 12) and the other 10 laps was non-stop. NON-STOP! That was awesome! I thought I wasn’t able to get near 13 laps when I hit the 15 min mark but I pushed myself to the point I started getting cramps in the guts on lap 10 & 11. I’m super happy to achieve that and look forward to next week. That by itself was a huge change from last years when I use to run the track. I’m getting younger!

Back to Basics!


What a whirlwind of a March it has been. March Madness doesn’t only apply to sport but also in life as well. I missed a few days of working out because of getting a new vehicle process completed. Especially these last 10 days was a very hectic day going through craigslist, dealerships and finally closing the deal yesterday at Vancouver Honda. Tried to find vehicles at a budget from private sales, auctions and at used cars dealerships. It wasn’t an easy process at all and I am not one to negotiate deals. I’m more of the networking type to find what works for all parties in the long run.

Well, on March the 13th with only 13 km on it, we secured a 2015 Honda Odyssey EX from my friend Michael Lee and the staff at Vancouver Honda. At the end, it came down to reliability, working with my budget and overall ‘Peace of Mind’. I really didn’t want to put my family at any physical risk if my vehicle happens to fail especially while driving. Having our second child changed our decision to move towards a mini-van. I applaud my wife for roughing it out for the longest time in our 2010 Nissan Rogue. We love that vehicle but our family outgrew it and having both car seats in the back was very tight and a juggling act. With 3 extra seats and more space that won’t be a problem anymore. Have to adjust to current situations and into the future. We are ready to build a wonderful family filled experience with our new van and with the knowledge that we will be taken cared of.

With my vehicle situation behind me now and into the future, I can now fully focus back to my workouts again. Though I managed to get down to 172.9 lbs, a 2.3 lbs loss from March 1st, I know I can do better. There is still so much room to improve on and step up. I enjoyed the experience with the Focus T25 Program and it got me from 187 lbs to 173 lbs in 50-60 days. But I need to go back to the program that started it all for me and that is the 21 Day Fix. Why? I am reaching towards a fitness goal and not maintaining it. I really want to hit 150 lbs and maintain it to a max of 159 lbs. That is where all the other programs that are 50 – 90 days long come in handy to strengthen more and keep your body toned. With still being at the building phase of my life, time is very scarce. With so many projects that I need to build to replace my work income and build my family’s future, the short term and a program that focuses on ‘NOW’ is what I need. 21 Day Fix helped me with my current lifestyle and situation. It was easier to manage toward short term goals then it was with a long term goal. I always had in mind what I needed to do in 3 weeks compared to 10 weeks. With BOD, Beachbody On Demand, it changes everything for me. I can now increase the intensity or supplement my workouts with the 21 Day Fix.

I need to review what worked in the past and integrate what I’ve learned in the future/journey. We tend to over explore and get the latest technology to get instant results we forget what actually worked to get you there. It is a balancing act of learning from the past and supplement it with the present. It doesn’t have to be a complete make over but one that works with your current situation and still pushing you towards your goals. We have to constantly review our systems and strengthen it with what works and remove factors that aren’t currently working. We don’t have to eliminate things but keep it in mind. Sometimes, our current situation or technology hasn’t caught up to our creative minds so keep it mind and develop/cultivate new ideas around it. I just pray that everyone keep their mind exercised as well. Don’t let life and current situation stop you from exploring what you are capable of doing. You can still live within your means but that is to help you be creative and invest into your future. Focusing on both mind, body and soul towards a complete harmony will open more new doors as a group then it will if you only focus on 1 or the other. Let’s make our life amazing!

Ryan Jarata