“Am I ready?”


It got busy yesterday so I missed my Pilates workout. I was able to do 3 other workouts but I really need to get back down to my 173 weight ASAP and get break the 170 mark. I know there are room for improvements and I believe I can do that when I go back to the 21 Day Fix. I know that this is my last week of the Focus T25 Beta Cycle. It really is a tough and challenging program but I need to go back to what was simple and what worked for me. Especially when I was asked by my brother if I would be interested in doing the Vancouver Sun Run on April 19th. In my hay days this would have been on problem for me since I was a born runner but now I’m just jogging to get my stamina up and not competitive to place. I just want to finish the race without stopping.

2015 will be an amazing year. I am hype already to hike and take on British Columbia’s finest trails and activities. We have a new mini-van that will make it more fun to and from the location. I can’t wait for the Summer Season to start! Finished 2014 which created a wonderful momentum into this year! There are challenges that will come but I’m ready to take them on. All I can do is be prepared for anything. With a healthy body and clarity of mind, I don’t need to worry or put these challenges aside for another day. I just need to look at it head on, deal with it and move on!

I am not a perfect person but I have a renewed view into life. I just need to make minor changes everyday and be proactive towards progression. I will not let things hinder me again and sleep it off for the next day. I will exercise my body and my mind and push them to a new level of awareness and ability. For now, I’m grateful for each day given and each experience that I will go through. It only means that I am getting stronger to tackle on bigger challenges and bigger prosperity!

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