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What a whirlwind of a March it has been. March Madness doesn’t only apply to sport but also in life as well. I missed a few days of working out because of getting a new vehicle process completed. Especially these last 10 days was a very hectic day going through craigslist, dealerships and finally closing the deal yesterday at Vancouver Honda. Tried to find vehicles at a budget from private sales, auctions and at used cars dealerships. It wasn’t an easy process at all and I am not one to negotiate deals. I’m more of the networking type to find what works for all parties in the long run.

Well, on March the 13th with only 13 km on it, we secured a 2015 Honda Odyssey EX from my friend Michael Lee and the staff at Vancouver Honda. At the end, it came down to reliability, working with my budget and overall ‘Peace of Mind’. I really didn’t want to put my family at any physical risk if my vehicle happens to fail especially while driving. Having our second child changed our decision to move towards a mini-van. I applaud my wife for roughing it out for the longest time in our 2010 Nissan Rogue. We love that vehicle but our family outgrew it and having both car seats in the back was very tight and a juggling act. With 3 extra seats and more space that won’t be a problem anymore. Have to adjust to current situations and into the future. We are ready to build a wonderful family filled experience with our new van and with the knowledge that we will be taken cared of.

With my vehicle situation behind me now and into the future, I can now fully focus back to my workouts again. Though I managed to get down to 172.9 lbs, a 2.3 lbs loss from March 1st, I know I can do better. There is still so much room to improve on and step up. I enjoyed the experience with the Focus T25 Program and it got me from 187 lbs to 173 lbs in 50-60 days. But I need to go back to the program that started it all for me and that is the 21 Day Fix. Why? I am reaching towards a fitness goal and not maintaining it. I really want to hit 150 lbs and maintain it to a max of 159 lbs. That is where all the other programs that are 50 – 90 days long come in handy to strengthen more and keep your body toned. With still being at the building phase of my life, time is very scarce. With so many projects that I need to build to replace my work income and build my family’s future, the short term and a program that focuses on ‘NOW’ is what I need. 21 Day Fix helped me with my current lifestyle and situation. It was easier to manage toward short term goals then it was with a long term goal. I always had in mind what I needed to do in 3 weeks compared to 10 weeks. With BOD, Beachbody On Demand, it changes everything for me. I can now increase the intensity or supplement my workouts with the 21 Day Fix.

I need to review what worked in the past and integrate what I’ve learned in the future/journey. We tend to over explore and get the latest technology to get instant results we forget what actually worked to get you there. It is a balancing act of learning from the past and supplement it with the present. It doesn’t have to be a complete make over but one that works with your current situation and still pushing you towards your goals. We have to constantly review our systems and strengthen it with what works and remove factors that aren’t currently working. We don’t have to eliminate things but keep it in mind. Sometimes, our current situation or technology hasn’t caught up to our creative minds so keep it mind and develop/cultivate new ideas around it. I just pray that everyone keep their mind exercised as well. Don’t let life and current situation stop you from exploring what you are capable of doing. You can still live within your means but that is to help you be creative and invest into your future. Focusing on both mind, body and soul towards a complete harmony will open more new doors as a group then it will if you only focus on 1 or the other. Let’s make our life amazing!

Ryan Jarata

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