Family Day


Yesterday was such an awesome day. Took my wife, two sons and mother-in-law out to the mall and to a park by the waters. Thanks to our new mini-van, it gave us the space, comfort and peace of mind to enjoy the day and not having to worry about the drive.  I was still able to work on my Abs for 10 mins and do one 25 min workout before we went out. That fueled me up pretty well to get that clarity and focus to start the day out right. I’m just happy also that my wife was able to enjoy and not be squeezed between two car seats like she use to with our SUV. With our youngest son, we outgrew the vehicle and needed a van to feel less confined and stressed out.  We just had a blast yesterday and that all that matters in life.

With the days becoming longer heading to spring/summer, we also managed to go for a jog. It was suppose to be me and my wife along the sky train route but our 5 year old son really wanted to join us so we went to a track near our house. I was happy to see my son run the entire track by himself. No fear! It was just the 3 of us there and seeing him going on his own and completing a round was empowering. It reminded me way back during my teens when running was my forte and what I was known for. I competed in a lot of races and excelled in the longer distance ones. I wonder if my son will inherit my running abilities.

It was last summer when I ran that track. I usually completed 13 laps around it. 2 laps will be warm-up and cool down and the rest would be 200 meters of running and 200 meters of walking and usually I didn’t time it. But last night was empowering. I focused on sticking to the 30 min time that I usually do every Saturday. I did 12 laps in 30 mins. 2 laps for warming up and cooling down (lap 1 and 12) and the other 10 laps was non-stop. NON-STOP! That was awesome! I thought I wasn’t able to get near 13 laps when I hit the 15 min mark but I pushed myself to the point I started getting cramps in the guts on lap 10 & 11. I’m super happy to achieve that and look forward to next week. That by itself was a huge change from last years when I use to run the track. I’m getting younger!

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