“More Family Day… lol!”


I was able to get my Abs workout in but after that it was time with the family again. Mostly errands but another excuse to take the new van out on the road… lol. Eating proper went out the window this weekend and it showed on the scale. Before I started my shift I was up to 177.3 lbs and got it down to 175.1 lbs at the end of work. Since my final week of Focus T25 Beta Cycle was interrupted with getting my vehicle purchase completed I’ve decided to repeat my final week again. I discussed with my wife what worked last time I started this journey and we decided to bag my meals of the day instead of just having it loose in the fridge. So what is in the bag is what I eat. Need to do what I can to finally break that 170 lbs barrier that has been taunting me for over a month now.

Life is really picking up in a wonderful way. I just need to keep on top also on what has been helping me succeed and getting me to where I am today. A lot of opportunities are presenting itself but I can’t neglect what was already working or my foundation. From here on out, I will be back on the 21 Day Fix and repeat it till I hit my ultimate weight goal of 150 lbs. One challenge is out of the way so I have until May till the next challenge comes up. I’ve been planning up to May to get my workout in order with fitness, finances and the future. ┬áThose 3 will be my primary focus for July. After that a new challenge will begin and new experiences will open up.

Focusing for the day and making the most of it makes tomorrow better. I need to keep that in mind to keep my mind in a positive state of progression so that the rest of my life with my family will be brighter. Challenges will always be there but it is how we react to it and deal with it that makes the ultimate difference for the future. The past is meant to strengthen us and not prevent us from growing as individuals. We tend to shelter ourselves from the pain and emotion when things don’t turn out well. It is fine because we are humans and we feel through situations but it shouldn’t govern how we should live our lives. If you keep investing in yourself, life will get better down the road and not immediate. We look for quick solutions but they are actually temporary solutions. Being gifted an opportunity doesn’t teach us anything but only provides us with a certain time before it runs out. Learn and grow to the best you can possible be!

Coach Ryan

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