“The Busy Life!”


Super busy day yesterday which ended up being awake for 21 hours with 3 hours of sleep before work. But it was an amazing day though. Had lunch with a great friend, running a final errand between my vehicle dealership and my auto-plan agent, and finishing the evening off with a wonderful dinner with a wonderful couple and their two young boys. It was a very inspiring discussion and hope that it will lead to a wonderful friendship and also a bright & prosperous future. I wouldn’t trade that experience with anything when you get to meet and know friends more. It just adds to an already amazing life that just gets better and better.

Pounds can be gained and loss but experiences are priceless.  When you have the chance to uplift someone and bring value to their life it just inspires you to keep going. Through lack of sleep or fatigue, a surge of energy runs through you when you provide hope. I’ve been through many challenges and often pray for solutions. It is really funny how He works in mysterious ways. When you pay attention and not give your energy to the challenge, a way to achieve will present itself through people, situations and events. When you least expect it, an answer will come and help you rise through that challenge and many other challenges down the road.

I came across a video posted by one of my friends about failing harder. We tend to focus on the pursuit of perfection instead of learning from failures. We beat ourselves over those misses and mistakes instead of embracing it and uplifting yourself to a new experience. Experience learned and mastered can never be taken away from you. It only sets the foundation for you to rise to another level. It doesn’t make you better than the next person but gives you the ability to pay it forward and share your story with the next person that is looking for that experience to rise. When you can include others on your journey you create a wonderful legacy that will last for many generation.

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