“Training for the Big Race!”


It has been quite awhile since I wrote. It really has been a very busy week in the prosperity department. Thursday was the last major exercise I did with a jog with my brother, Allan, who challenged me to do the Vancouver Sun Run with him. Besides doing some 10 min Abs exercises, yesterday was the only time I had to myself and did a jog at the track.  Monday and Tuesday, I attended a few Meetup gathering relating to Real Estate.  Ended up sleeping for only 6 hrs total for both days so I crashed the whole day on Wednesday as soon as I got home from work. My body really needed to catch up with the sleep but I was really impressed with how long I was able to keep going for those two days. I won’t recommend it but it shows what happens when you take good care of yourself.  When you need to go the extra distance or work the 25th hour then you have the energy and focus to do so.

It was springbreak…. I think so it wasn’t busy at the high school track I go to. Besides the soccer players on the field it wasn’t that busy. My brother was already there before I was. He wanted to run for 1 hour but I wanted to concentrate on my 30 min workout/jog.  He ran from his house to meet me there so his regiment wasn’t compromise. My goal was to do 1 additional lap to build on from last Saturday’s jog. I was able (more like forced myself) to finish 15 laps at 37 mins. Missing my workouts from Monday to Wednesday had hit it mark on me. I really struggled halfway and into the 11th lap that I struggled on last Saturday. I am sore as I write this but I’m not in pain. I can feel some tightness in parts of my legs but it isn’t restricting my movement. I am pleased though that I was able to push myself and hopefully improve my endurance. The Vancouver Sun Run is 25 laps worth (10 KM long) so I want to get myself up to doing at least 70 % of the run. Usually you train for months for this but I couldn’t resist a challenge and want to discover myself again.

I can’t wait to get back to doing my program again. I was suppose to start it this week but with all the activities that me and my business partner attended I couldn’t build up any momentum. My wife and I also had errands for our eldest since it was photo day at his preschool. All that work and the little guy refused to take a picture at this Friday morning.  Sigh… my son. Looking forward to really getting back to my program this Monday. I did four rounds of previously before trying a different workout routine. This program helped me loss consistently and though I love the intensity of the last program. I wasn’t able to stay consistent mentally. I need the short term goals that my program provides me so I can hit my ultimate goal of 150 lbs faster through mini-segments and mini-wins.  After another meetup this Saturday morning, I will do my regular jog and what exercise I can squeeze in and a nice yoga session to prepare me for my 3 week long journey. Time to focus to a whole new level and the physical stuff is just a wonderful by product of what I can do for anything I put my mind to.

Ryan Jarata

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