“Turning Heads!”


Had a wonderful jog yesterday at the track near our house. Trevor and the wife joined me and it was busy because there was a soccer game for young/early teen boys. Had parents also watching the game so I had to be aware of my surroundings since soccer might be flying around. There were also two other teams waiting and practicing behind the nets and open areas while a game was being played. We were lucky to get there before that 2nd group came in so parking wasn’t a problem. Even had the spot right next to the entrance to the field. What an awesome Saturday turned out to be…. lol. Did our first grocery with our Odyssey and it was ‘No Tax’ Day! That by itself is a huge savings. Filled up most of the 3rd row area (seats folded down to the floor) and had space to sit 4 people and Trevor’s car seat.  Usually, with our Nissan Rogue it would be 4 bins in the back and 2 bin and bulky items in the middle area. A two people trip. It was a really good day and relaxing drive with the extra weight of 6 bins worth of groceries. Love our Odyssey!

Back to the jogging, started the first 200 meters with a walk and stretch. Then I started my 30 min clock to kick off my jog. My goal was to get some extra laps in but I had to be aware where the ‘Play’ was happening and other parents and players were standing so my focus and jog wasn’t completely there. I had to focus on not stopping and monitored how my body felt. I guess it came around the 9th lap when people noticed that I haven’t stopped or taken a break on my jog. Even the young soccer players that were sitting on the bench took noticed every time I pass them. Had parents in the stands make some comments, “What lap is that?” “Wish I was fit?”  If they only new that I only started doing this back on November 24th last year. Then they can see that it is possible to do it when they commit a little of their time towards physical health and trying to eat health each day. Doesn’t have to be a makeover or go ‘Cold Turkey’ on making a commitment to your health. Just need to take 2-3 seconds on your choices on what you consume and plan ahead before you start your day or week.

Felt the fatigue hit at the 11th lap but pushed myself to keep going. I had 4 mins left before I hit the 30 min mark so I kept going on my jog. Actually, upgraded to a run now to get at least to the 14th lap. It was even more of a challenge because the players that were getting to warm-up and kick soccer balls around. More parents/people arriving to the field and had some on the track. It was on the 13 lap I really pushed myself and did a sprint then a jog. I was around the 300 meter mark when the 30 min timer hit but I sprinted and had to sprint around people to get to the finish line. Might of angered some people but I had a goal to reach and challenge my body past its limits. It was the last lap so there was no point to keep gas in the tank. But I guess they understand once I started walking after I crossed the line. I started my walk and cool down on the final 300 meters of the 14th lap. I was very happy with my jog yesterday. I can definitely feel it as I right this. Little cramps here and there but I know in a few days once the muscle fully heal than that scale will be my friend… lol. It is pointless to look at the scale now because your body retains fluids to repair your torn muscle fibers.

Today will be my last day of Focus T25 Beta program. I will be going back to my 21 Day Fix program. I will definitely keep 2 non-stop workouts from T25 but I need the short-term program to keep focus and when I feel like giving up or taking an off-day, I realize I’m halfway there or on the final week of the 21 Day Fix. I will be doing my 5th round and saw results of 13 lbs, 5 lbs, 9 lbs and 3 lbs. From 206 to 176 lbs within those 4 rounds, that would be a 30 lbs loss. I’m currently around 172.4 lbs and want to get down to 150 lbs before I start bulking up. My goal is to burn off my fat areas and fill it in with muscles. I know I will have excess skin challenges once I get there and I accept that. I can see it on my arms and tummy as I work towards that goal. Watching a video from the brave and courageous, Matt Diaz, it is something we must accept and stand behind especially when we promote healthy leaving to other people. It doesn’t shame us one bit because I am able to do more stuff with the weight off and the energy that comes from it. It’s an uphill climb with down hill benefits and fun and I will not change the experience now. Life is a lot better now than it was before at 206 lbs and everyone around me is benefiting with this push and mission that I am on. It is living to the fullest and bringing people with you!

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