Back to Basics Again!


Greetings Fitness Community!

I’m impressed on what I was able to achieve lately. Last Friday, I did double duty by taking the family to the park but also doing 11 laps around the track there. Saturday morning, I did the ‘Grouse Grind’ and hike up Grouse Mountain for 2.9 km with an elevation of 853 meters in 70 mins. That was my very first time doing that and my heart was the only noise I can hear… lol.  I will need a group to convince me to do that again. Sunday, I felt fine and didn’t feel any major soreness at all so I decide to run for an hour. Did some light workouts and started working out on my Abs again.  The abs is what I feel so far.  I finished off today with a 30 min workout, 20 mins of various tasks and another 30 min run around the neighborhood. 3 runs in 4 nights!

I must admit I wasn’t being religious on my workouts since the Vancouver Sun Run on April 19th.  I would workout every Monday to kick off my 3 week program but life gets busy especially promoting and following up with people to go hiking on Saturdays.  Helping out my community and most importantly being a dad.  Doing the ‘Grouse Grind’ for the first time opened my eyes again. I shouldn’t be feeling this tired or exhausted. I know I cannot compare hiking to running but I know myself and what I am capable of doing when I really commit to it. When I made a commitment, I got my weight down to 169 lbs from 206 lbs in 5 months. I wasn’t starving myself but just eating right and working out.  I need to go back to what got me to the best shape of my life in a long time.  No splitting myself in various projects and just go back to basics and that is looking after my health.  Logging/Blogging in my results and how I feel and achieved for the day and get ready for tomorrow.

I was very inspired with my fellow hikers on what they are able to achieve and do together. One family inspired me to do the same thing with my family.  I really need to step up, go back to what was working and really create that life style for my family. My son will be attending Kindergarten this September and the Open House at the school he will be attending really opened my eyes on how parent participation can make a big difference.  I saw parents who were interactive with their child get more response and feedback from their child and I saw parents who leave their kids alone and just wait on the sidelines or stare at their phones. I give props to the Mothers that keep the household together and raising their children.  It isn’t my place to assume but I can only look after my two boys and be there every step of the way.

I did a lot today and looking forward to pushing myself tomorrow after work. I need to prepare myself for the Garibaldi Lake Hike Challenge this coming Saturday and really support and serve my fitness community. There is time for competition and there is time for teamwork. I’m can only focus on my health and fitness and I leave the rest to Him.  I must look after my community like He looks after His flock.  Going back to basics and humble beginnings is all that I will do and really put trust in Him that he will line me up with wonderful people and situations.  Doing too much or only focusing on how you feel or your emotion is short lived.  There is so much to life when you pursue happiness and challenge yourself to enrich that happiness, then opportunities will bend towards your path.

Your humble servant,

Ryan Jarata

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