Golden Ears Provincial Park Hike/Picnic


Greetings Fellow Fitnatics!

Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome Dads out there. It takes a special person to be called Dad. It is something that needs to be earned and acknowledge by the ones that are special to your life. Keep being awesome and set a fine example to the young ones!

What a beautiful day it was yesterday. Sadly, my family wasn’t able to go because my eldest son woke up with a fever. He is feeling better now and up and running around. Wish they could have come but we will go out later today for Father’s Day. It wasn’t a challenging hike but it was one that everyone can enjoy. Not just hikers or the very fit. Really blessed to have a wonderful backyard called British Columbia. Wish I’ve enjoyed this earlier but I’m enjoying it now and that is all that matters.

Really happy that I am able to enjoy this with wonderful friends and family. It is easy to go back to the old life and back to your comfort zone but having fellow like-minded hikers helps you stay accountable. I’m really blessed to have them cross my path and challenge me every week and everyday to be the very best I can be. I wouldn’t change it for anything. If you have a dream or what to try something new, look for people or join groups that can guide you through it and share their experiences to know what to expect. You are adding value to your life but you don’t have to be alone to do it. It really fulfilling to know that people see your growth and transformation.

I’m looking forward to doing the Stawamus Chief for the first time. It’s not only just a hike up but a full body exercise. You gotta get you upper body strength up to pull yourself up on these peaks. I have 7 days to get my upper body strength up so it will make it easier and most importantly enjoying every moment of the hike. Why do it if you don’t enjoy it. Kinda defeats the purpose. Doing it isn’t enough but preparing yourself for it makes it more worthwhile. It makes you appreciated what you had to do and endure leading into and to the finish line. It isn’t success without sacrifices. So challenge yourself everyday so that you are ready for what the journey has in store for you!

Your Humble servant,

Ryan Jarata

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