Grouse Grind Challenge # 1 – June 6, 2015


Hello fitness fans,

Wow… it has been almost a month since I posted a blog but I am back! I’ve been busy with outdoor activities that I didn’t have time to do the workouts or the online fitness that help me get to this point. I’ve been busy organizing outdoor activities every Saturday since the weather started getting warmer and the sun became more constant. But I am back for good! After doing the ‘Grouse Grind’ this morning for the first time in my 35 year existence, I do not wanna feel that tired and exhausted again. I also gained 7 lbs during this time so I need really need to get back to form and start loading up my calendar with events and goals. After the Vancouver Sun Run, I didn’t set out a goal or a specific date because I didn’t know when the Grouse Grind will begin. I put June but I should have made an event for May to keep me on pace.

Good things have happen and will continue to happen as long as I make this commitment to myself. It is very important to me to be fit and healthy since my father passed away 5 years ago on June 2nd. He has been battling with heart problems and also his long battle with diabetes. I wanna live an amazing life and I wanna life it with my family and friends that will join me on my journey. I was and still a shy introvert to the core but with the support from family, friends and many that have messaged me on Facebook I know that this is a way for me to make a difference for someone else. I am able to help someone indirectly by just posting and blogging. The events and connecting with old classmates and friends from the past is extra special.

Everyone has given me an extra gear to make the most of my life. My love for my family was the start of my journey and the empowerment of everyone that touched my life and that I have touched are the content to this amazing story that I am creating with my life. I wanna thank everyone so far in their own way to pass on something special to strengthen me and encourage me to live life and enjoy each minute and each second given to me. Special thanks today to: Shalyn, her husband Samuel, their 15 month son-Tristan, Vlad, Allan, Xydus, and Ninong Tats for doing the Grouse Grind with me today. I am really motivated and to see the smiles of victory on their faces after scaling the face of Grouse Mountain has really charged me. I am your humble servant I will do my best to enrich your lives and everyone that joins us to be healthy and fit. God bless!

Your humble Servant,

Ryan Jarata

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