Hiking and Running and Exercise….. Oh Myyy!


Greetings Fellow Fit-natics!

It’s been quite awhile again since I last posted but I am doing very well. Went hiking again last Saturday up to Garibaldi Lake.  It wasn’t as steep as the Grouse Grind, two Saturdays ago, but more of a distance hike.  It was very fun and the beautiful scenery of Beautiful British Columbia makes me inspired to do more hiking. Actually, we are planning another hike this coming Saturday with a picnic for those that do not hike.  Just get everyone involve and bring awareness to keeping fit daily gets you to beautiful experiences.

There is a 20 KM half marathon happening on the 28th. Still debating if I want to do it because I am no where near the fitness and endurance level I was for the Vancouver Sun Run. That run was only 10 km and I’m not sure I can do the double version of it… lol. There is a 5 km run but that one is sold out. But I must admit though that life is beautiful when you sacrifice a little towards your health. 14 years of working, eating, sleeping & repeating, I never imagined I will be hiking and doing more outdoor activities.  I guess having kids brings out the best of you.  I thought supporting them financial by working hard by putting more hours in was enough but being fit and doing more activities with them is more rewarding.  I’m so humbled and happy to be on this new life journey.

You really need something outside the norm of daily life & routine.  It is insane to do the same thing over and over again and still feel fulfilled.  Only a handful achieve and enjoy what they do for a living and that is perfect alignment with every aspect of your life. But for the rest of us that need to make our bread from not the dream job we’ve imagined, we need to make sure that the other aspects align or complement what we do. We don’t want to get into things that only makes us happen for a short period of time. That is just a waste of time.  It needs to be something that we know we can do for the rest of our lives. I’ve wasn’t exercising regularly after the Vancouver Sun Run and that has costed me more than I imagined. Besides throwing away 5 months worth of exercise away in a single month of May.  I’ve robbed myself from future experiences like doing more hikes and challenging more runs. Never again!

I’m getting back to my routine of exercising 5 times or at least 2 hrs a day. 30 – 1 hr is good enough to maintain the fitness level you are happy with accompanied by eating right & responsibly. For me, I want to challenge myself and experience life that I haven’t experience in my 20’s and early 30’s. I was focused on working hard and climbing the corporate ladder that I stopped focusing on me and more importantly my interaction with my family. You do it for your love ones so you really need to enjoy it with your love ones. Setting an example of fitness and enjoying life becomes their habit. We, parents, are their first role models so be the best you can be and LIVE by example!

Your Humble Servant,

Ryan Jarata

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