Greeting Fellow Fitnatics!

What a month it has been for me. It is hard to imagine also that 24 hrs ago I’ve joined a team and we are doing an obstacle course coming this August 15. Looks like we have 6-7 members so far and looking to grow before race day. From exercising, running, hiking and now obstacle courses, I am just pushing myself to be better than I was yesterday. I am not near my lowest weight of 169.4 lbs but I am getting back to my 5 workouts or 2 hr workouts that I use to be doing earlier in the year. I’m even changing up my workout times to evenings. Since I work graveyard shifts and start work at 3 am, I’m sleeping during the afternoon and getting up 5 hrs before my shift. This is my 2nd day now.

Whenever you begin to plateau or become complacent in your workout or healthy, it is always good to change it up a little bit or try something new to spice up your routines or lifestyle. It isn’t living if you aren’t challenging yourself and keeping your mind engaged to new experiences and new discoveries. Coming out of your ‘comfort zone’ maybe challenging like picking up the phone to ask that person you like for a date but you are holding yourself back if you fear failure or rejection. Part of being good at what you do and leading others to the same road and journey is stumbling and getting up more times than those that are just beginning. What you had to endure to get to where you are is your source of strength and motivation that you’ve been through worse situations and still came out on top and/or have moved forward to bigger things.

I’m looking forward to my next Saturday Challenge. We will be hiking & climbing some peaks in my beautiful backyard of British Columbia. Imagine that this is all new to me and haven’t does these things for 35 years of my existence. I am cherishing every moment and living in the moment. Though I’m having fun and discovering more of my capabilities, I know now that I’m setting an example for others to experience life more. The most important ones to me are my two boys. It is setting up the environment for them to be fit on a regular basis and never take anything for granted. Work hard in your craft and develop your craft. Stand out from the crowd and be unique. Look after those that want to strive towards being better and most importantly, always have fun in this journey.

Your Humble Servant,

Ryan Jarata

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