Feeling Strong!


Greeting Friends!

I’m enjoying my day with a workout. My new workout involves combat and it has been a painful week. But you know what they say, “No Pain! No Gain!” And it is true, only at the beginning or if you keep pushing yourself more than you did yesterday. This has been the first time I’ve put 5 straight day in a row of working out. I’m still a long way from when I did 63 days straight and doing 5 workouts or 2 hrs of workout per day.  But like a fellow workout buddy has told me, “Gotta mix it up! Muscle Confusion!” Thank you, Kathleen!

I was too use to my 3 week program that I stopped scaling up and challenging myself further. People like results or start to make that change when someone has dramatic results.  I guess that is what I have to do first before I can help anyone with their health & fitness goals.  It has always been one of the top & toughest lesson to learn. Changing our self instead of changing someone else. We truly are the architect of our world & our self. If we let others control your happiness then you aren’t living. At the same time, you have no right to control someone. Just make suggestions & let them make the ultimate decision. There is still a matter of give & take and working with others. There needs to be a balance.

I’m feeling great so far and still feeling the soreness in my shoulders, back and legs from the punches & kicks I’ve been doing all week. But it is fun when you have music behind it and have fun & motivational trainers to follow.  One day, that will be what I want to do in life.  Get & Stay Fit! Help others with their health & Fitness lifestyles. And make a career out of it. That is truly how to make changes to yourself, you have to make it a lifestyle and not just a fad.  It doesn’t have to be full submission to a program but it can be the start & then you add and subtract that helps you stay on track and enjoy it at the same time. I wish you all the best on your journey!

Your Humble Servant!

Ryan Jarata

Live in the Moment


Greetings fellow Supporters,

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a blog. Did a few more hikes since my last post and hopefully doing another hike this coming Saturday. Actually, will be doing two events coming this August and another lab test for my visit to the Healthy Heart Program.  I must be honest that Summer is trickier than my challenges in December. While the cold weather of December tends to keep you indoor more often or at Christmas parties, Summer is even more challenging.  Though it is still a matter of choice and will power to control what you eat but also living in the moment.

I spent some time just enjoying myself and enjoying my time with friends and family this summer. Stayed away from blogging, posting online and most importantly away from the computer. Though I strayed from my routine and keeping myself accountable. I got the chance to meet more people and learn from others’ point of view.  I just had more fun these last 4 weeks. A friend mentioned to me, and since living in Vancouver, “Enjoy while the Sun is still out.!”

It’s been a financial struggle to keep an active lifestyle going but being healthy doesn’t have to be. I know where my priorities are and that is to my health. Will limit myself from eating out to only Saturdays or when we have hiking days. Limit the spending of doodads & put that into what has helped me loss the weight and stay healthy.  I owe it to myself and most importantly to my family to be healthy and be there for them every step of the way.  Life is truly short & it isn’t about accumulating stuff but adding content to your life that changes lives for everyone around you.

Aug 1st will be a 5 Km Run and the 15th will be a team obstacle course. The most important date for me is the 19th and that is when I will go in for another 6 month review with the Healthy Heart Program. I have 3 weeks to clean my blood work and 4 weeks to shed some pounds. I’m still aiming at 150 lbs or when I loose the body fat then bulk up some muscles.  I just want to be the best shape of my life when Trevor starts Kindergarten so I can set the tone to stay healthy & fit while also keeping the grades up.  That will be awesome!

Your Humble Servant,

Ryan Jarata