Getting Closer Everyday!


Greetings Friends!

Just like the shirt that I wear says, I am getting closer to where I was with my 5 workouts or 2 hr worth of workouts per day. It has been over a month now but I am really missing my shake.  My body isn’t recovering fast enough from the workouts or after a long day at work.  Instead of tackling my workouts and projects right away, I tend to take a little breather first.  That breather tends to become a long nap… lol.  Gotta make the most of each day given! Carpe Diem!

This weekend though I feel a whole lot better. Did my hike on Saturday and challenged myself to 7 workouts on Sunday.  I just finished a 60 min combat workout today. That was crazy. My arms feel like jelly from all those jabs, hooks & uppercuts.  I don’t mind those over the squats and lunges.  I think I really need to invest in a bicycle to get my legs back when to my early 20s… lol.  I was always a runner in high school & most importantly my endurance was the key to my success. My brother always had the long legs and speed on his side but the 800 & 1600 meters was my thing.  All thanks to biking when I was still in elementary school. From my old house on Victoria & 41st to Fraser & King Edward. I would ride to the family grocery store everyday after school. I challenge hills and always push myself to be faster and better everyday.

I got my weight down to 173.5 lbs on Friday.  My last Healthy Heart Program appointment on February was at 179 lbs so it would be a challenge to keep it near there during the weekend.  I worked an extra shift today so my weight was 174.2 lbs so not too bad.  My lost weight was 169.4 lbs back in April.  After the Vancouver Sun Run, I failed to make short term goals to keep the momentum going.  My next goal was June, and that was attempting the Grouse Grind.  It’s been a real struggle to get back on pace but for the first time since April, I’m feeling that I’m getting closer to my Vancouver Sun Run performance.  I’m still unsure how I will do with my lab test coming this week.  I’ve been away from my cleanse and filling my body with dense nutrients from my shake.  I’m hoping that my exercise will continue to burn the waste from my body.

Summer time is the best time to test what your body can do for you. Like my friend said, “Gotta make the most of it while there is Sun!”  You can have the best of both worlds. Exercising outdoors or away from your home or gym.  Challenge mountains and challenge distances.  Do things that you have never done before or beat your records.  Feel alive and be grateful for each day given and live in the moment.  I didn’t take a lot of photos on my last hike because I was challenging myself since I haven’t hiked for 3 weeks. I did more Go Pro videos than picture taking so I’m going to try video editing. Trying things that I’m new too. That is the spice of life.  You can assume and never try it or you can try it and experience it first hand.  I’d rather see it and do it than give up by looking at it.  I see it everyday. People tend to give up to the challenges then attempting it and learning from it.  How will you know if you don’t try it at least.  You will be surprise or you can back up your belief. The goal is taking action. Take action everyday and get a step closer to a better you!

Your humble servant,

Ryan Jarata

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