I Passed!


Greetings Friends & Family!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Just as the title says, my lab results are clean and in normal ranges.  Slightly higher than my February results but what can I say, “Summer is Awesome!”  Gotta enjoy it while the sun is still out.  Too bad the morning showers cancelled our hike today but still made the most of it with a breakfast date with my beautiful wife and getting some errands & workouts completed.  I will be looking forward to seeing my Doctor, from the Healthy Heart Program at St Paul’s Hospital, this coming 19th of August.

Looking forward to getting back on my regular routine that helped me get to my best shape this coming week.  I’m awaiting for my package to arrive so I can get to my healthy morning shakes and also a New Cookbook for my wife to enhance her healthy meals knowledge with the 3 week program.  My next challenge before my appointment on the 19th is to get my weight below 170. I was 179 lbs on my February visit to the HHP and getting it back to 169 lbs for a 10 lbs loss will be a wonderful victory for me.  I’m currently round 173 lbs so I really looking forward to this week and get back to my winning ways with focus and energy.

Next Saturday is the Rugged Maniac challenge! We are in a team of 5 and will begin our 5 km challenge at 1215.  I’m not looking at a time challenge for this but finishing together and supporting each other as a team. There will be obstacles that will challenge us physically & mentally. “Why am I doing this?”  To have the chance to say, “I DID IT!”  A task reserved to the 1000s of winners that registered to enjoy life more and discover something new about themselves.  To crawl in the trenches and maybe bleed with the brothers & sisters shoulder to shoulder.  You can do it alone but it is more empowering with your team.  A perfect example, “I stayed alive because a dying man kept fighting!” “I kept going because my team kept fighting!” That one time experience will be stories that will carry on for the rest of your life.  To reflect what you guys did & continue doing in other challenges.  Awesomeness! Haha!

Once I get back to my regular routine when my packages come in will help me a lot.  It will suppress my cravings, fill my body with the dense nutrients it needs and help me recovery a lot faster to tackle on more workouts and more challenges.  Summer is almost over but being a better you everyday and exploring what you can do will be an unending journey. Last night, while lying in bed doing planks and leg raises, yes- I work out before I sleep, I felt strong and just out of the blue wanted to do a head stand. With the assistance of the wall, I was upside down with my head & elbows on the edge of the bed and my feet in the air. Trevor was looking at me and laughing. Maybe one day I can do that any time but it’s the beginning when you can commit 10 – 30 mins a day in being active and slowly changing what you consume each day. You will have a new body in a few years that you molded into what you want it to be! All the best in your journey to a healthier and more active lifestyle!

Your Humble Servant,

Ryan Jarata

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