Day 10 of 21: Are you Aligned with your Goals?


“You can have results or you can have your excuses. You cannot have both.” – Unkown

Greetings Family & Friends,

Hope you guys had an awesome ‘Hump Day’!  Just got home from a Meetup group for Real Estate.  I want to continue the momentum from last weekend to stay motivated and hopefully that next step into investing in real estate.  The first guest speaker was amazing with his presentation on succeeding in different aspects of your life and that is why I have named this post under what he presented.  I will go into detail in the next paragraph but I will now switch over to my health and fitness progress.  Yesterday, it looks like I took a .6 lbs step back from my lowest of 177 to a 2.6 lbs step ahead today! Yes!  This morning I weighed in at 175.6 lbs to start out the day.  It’s more likely up today from my meal plan and not able to do more workouts tonight but I’m happy with the results so far and want to keep that wonderful state of mind.  I took the next step this morning and went to the new Walmart in New Westminster and purchased a set of 15 lbs.  Those will be my new heavy set and my last heavy set of 10 lbs will now be my light weights to switch between exercises.  Trust me when I say that it killed my leg days workout…. lol.  But to every pain comes the opportunity to rise from it.  It will become the new norm after week 2 of exercising.

Going back to the presentation from the guest speaker, Roberto Erario, it gave me more content to enhance myself and laser focus my purpose in life and making sure that every though, action and growth are aligned with my purpose.  Like I’ve mention in the past or previous posts is that it isn’t enough just to say that, “I will lose 10 lbs!’ or “I want to be healthy!’  You have to put a overwhelming meaning why you are doing it in the first place.  Is it for your family?  Did you have a life altering experience? Or ‘are you sick and tired’ of ‘being sick and tired?!’  Whatever your personal reasons maybe, it must consume you when you may stumble from your path and journey.  Only then you can you make the necessary actions and beliefs to start your journey and relaying that message to others what purpose and/or journey you are on.  Every though, behavior and action may dictate how your journey will begin and how the world will see you on your journey.  If you think negative thoughts then it will reflect in the communications that you will have with others.  They may support you or bring you down even more when you don’t have the conviction to stand behind your words.  First impression may become everlasting to new and old people in your life or will cross your path.  So get yourself together if you want to succeed in life.

It is funny how things line up.  I get quotes, readings and audio from different sources and add it to my posts of the day.  For me, the name of this post comes from different sources but aligned enough to deliver the same lesson.  What Roberto mention, “You are what you belief is true to you.”  If you can’t do it then that is true to you.  If you can’t find a boy/girl friend then that is also true to you.  But once you start believing that you are wrong with your beliefs then the world will open up to you and you will start seeing progressions in different aspects you use this system for.  Whether it is business, you fitness or in life.  You can re-wire yourself and choose to think the opposite of how you are feeling or what is holding you back.  The end of 2015 is upon us.  When to fitness, if you are already happy with where you are then disregard this message.  But if you haven’t achieved your New Year resolution, then you need to try something new in order to finish the year strong and have a new version of yourself.  I’m here to help guide you with the system I use to change my life.  Are you willing to take that chance and sacrifice one month to me?  The choice is up to you to believe or not.  The future is your to live!

God Bless,

Ryan Jarata

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