Day 12 of 21: Crunch Time


“In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.” – Sid Caesar

Greetings Family & Friends,

TGIF!  Hope you are having a wonderful day.  Wife is working tonight so I’m bonding with my two sons.  With all the work I did this week and last weekend it is always a great escape to just relax with your family. A wonderful way to refresh your purpose in life and feed that hunger to go out and push yourself further past your limits.  Life is worth living when you share it with the ones you love the most.  Life can be very challenging at times but it is part of the learning and growing.  I need this brief downtime to get the body healed a bit.  Combat workouts get me all the time so it was a challenge to push for more reps and stay in form with my exercises.  I just did the minimum 60 min worth of workout today.  Going to see if I will be able to get some yoga in when my two boys are asleep.

The week was filled with a lot of information and constant growth.  There are some ‘AHA’ moments during this week and last weekend that has me more focus then ever. The 6 Critical Elements taught by Coach Roberto Erario will now be my system to make sure that all aspects of my life are in alignment for results.  It was a new way of looking at life and be proactive at improving myself.  I will implement it also in my program and help those who want to be healthy and fit to be more engaged with themselves.  In order for me to succeed in life, I need you to succeed in what you want to achieve.

Week#2 of 3 will be ending really soon and Measurement Monday is a few days away.  The scale that we use isn’t totally accurate with our weight but I’m about 2 lbs light from the Week#1.  I need to work extra hard this weekend and do the most I can to be stronger in exercising and staying focussed with my daily meals.  My goal for Monday will be to get down to 172.5 lbs and maybe around 2 – 5 inches smaller all around.  Tough task, yes, but attainable…. yes!  I just need to believe in myself and just simple push myself harder and stay more focus on the meals.  It is easier this time around is because I am not alone.  I have teammates to challenge me and keep me focused to push through.  I ready for this and I’m worth the investment!

God Bless,

Ryan Jarata

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