Day 14 of 21: Enjoying Life!


“The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” – Allan K. Chalmers

Greetings Family & Friends,

Hope everyone had an amazing Sunday!  It was ‘Family Day’ for me and my family.  Had a wonderful time with the family and enjoyed every minute of it.  Started the day with my weigh-in and it was at 174.6 lbs.  I’m just shy of my goal of 2.1 goal of 172.5 lbs.  My goal is to loss 5 lbs every week but losing 2.4 lbs is still an achievement.  Tomorrow will be the 2nd Measurement Monday so it will be interesting how I did for my report card.  I know sticking to the meals this week was challenging.  Did plenty of exercise to negate most of the damage of the extra calories that I went over my daily plan so this week will be a little slower progress then last week.

Today’s quote from Allan K. Chalmers is perfect today.  What are the essentials of happiness: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.  Family Day, is always a perfect time to spend with the ones you love and hope for future happiness and memories.  The smiles on my boys faces and the joy on my loving wife’s face are priceless.  When you can deliver on what they want to do and not to worry about the financial restriction is a wonderful feeling.  Though I’m not out of the woods yet towards my goal to financial freedom, I’ve taken an active approach to stay on top of my family’s finances.  Currently, we are 5 years away from being free from consumer debt and chipping at reducing it even further.  Making more money is one thing but living within your means and putting aside for growth is a balancing act.  Open yourself to the possibilities to controlling your life.  Don’t let outside forces dictate how your family should life.   Be in control!

Enjoy each day given to you.  Live on your own terms.  Say, “I love you!” to the ones special to your life.  Thank yourself for the efforts of yesterday and live in the moment. For today, will pave the way for tomorrow and you will thank yourself again for the momentum you’ve created.  When you are in control of your time and make the most of it then your goals and dreams begin to walk towards you.  You’ve earned it and the attraction of what you strive for will be attracted to you.  Life will make ways to align with your journey and your energy.  Happiness is a strong magnet and when life can feel that power from you it just wants more of it.  Don’t settle down and don’t stop growing.  That isn’t the purpose of life to remain stagnant.  You must continue to strive to be your best, improve yourself and to be in service to the ones you love and your community.  Reaching your goals and dreams are just the by product of everyone helping you to achieve them.

God Bless,

Ryan Jarata

Coach Ryan Jarata

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