Day 15 of 21: Measurement Monday#2


“We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals.” – Stephen Covery

Greetings Family & Friends!

Hope everyone had an amazing start to the week.  Wish I can say the same thing for today with my weigh-in and measurements but I will be honest and have gained today from last Monday.  My stats for the today:


Stats: Nov 16 -> Nov 23

Chest: 39 in -> 39.5 in

L. Arm:  15 in -> 15 in

R. Arm: 15.5 in -> 15.5 in

Waist: 40 in -> 39 in

Hips:  40.5 in -> 41 in

L. Thigh: 24.5 in -> 25 in

R. Thigh: 25 in -> 25 in

Weight: 177 lbs -> 177.6 lbs


Looks like my Family Day eating cost me dearly for Measurement Monday.  Oh well, it just means I’m going to have to finish strong this week.  I don’t have any regrets enjoying time with family because they are the reason why I’m pushing myself to my limits everyday.  It’s for the end goal of being with them every step of the way.

Tomorrow is another day to fight the good fight.  I must prove to myself that this is only the beginning for greater things in life and towards my health.  As long as you are willing to rise up again and move forward then you are just getting stronger on your journey.  Tonight, will be a short journal for I will rest and meditate for this final week of the November 2015 Challenge Group.  It was a wonderful start and things will just get better each day is committed towards being buy antidepressants.  Keep going!

God Bless,

Ryan Jarata

Coach Ryan Jarata

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