Day 18 of 21: TBT: Has it been a Year Already?


“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” – Michael Jordan

Greetings Family & Friends,

Hope everyone is enjoying a their ‘Throw Back Thursday”!  I was scared to share my pictures and face judgement and embarrassment but then I realize now that that was then and I’m striving to be a new person now.  These pictures are my before picture of 2014 of November 23 just the day before I started my journey.  I was at 206 lbs at the time and not sure if this was going to work but I was willing to try for my health and my family.

20141123_201559 20141123_201623 20141123_201919

November 23, 2014 @ 206 lbs

Let’s say it has been an amazing and empowering experience to finish 2014 and a spectacular 2015 ride!  I’ve met new friends & reconnected with family on this journey, tried outdoor activities that I’ve never done before, and been in the best shape I’ve ever been in a long time.  There are still parts of me that still won’t change, like enjoying the moment with friends & family, especially in my culture food is the center of the entertainment.  But with the experiences and knowledge I’ve gained, I can be proactive with my days and just work that extra hard to stay on track.  It’s keeping a balance of enjoying life but still progressing into the future.

What an amazing quote from Michael Jordan.  We all fail at one point especially at the beginning in what we specialize in.  I know I’ve failed multiple times on this journey but when you can reach a low time in your life, humbly learn about it and still decide to stick to it then I believe you are now on your way to greatness.  Like looking on a stock chart, we will all have dips on our journey but as long as we are trending upwards then we can take those dips as a new starting line and accelerate to a newer high in ourselves.  We all just have to try something when it comes to our health and our development.  There will be dips on our journey but that is what helps us succeed.  You cannot have success without failure or being challenged by failure.  The world is constantly changing with technology and newer ways of doing things so we are always faced with learning something new.  We won’t get it at first but if we stick to it then we will learn it.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and so is your fitness and health.  But you just need to try as soon as possible.  The longer you stick to it the faster you will gain results in whatever you do.  We will have days when we will be off and one day may equal 3 days that you need to recover from taking a day off.  Momentum is your friend so if you can keep a streak going then do so.  Just remember that we are not only creating results but we are creating new habits and a new lifestyle change that will keep you from moving backwards.  Everyday is a new day to make the most of it.  How we utilize the 24 hrs that is given determines who will succeed and who will not.  Wake up each morning and be thankful and also remember why you are doing it.  It will propel you forward and overcome and trials and obstacles that you may face on your journey.  But once you overcome them then they won’t hinder you any longer.

God Bless,

Ryan Jarata

Coach Ryan Jarata

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