Day 19 of 21: 3 Days to go


“When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully.” – Steve Maraboli

Greetings Family & Friends,

Hope everyone had a wonderful TGIF!  I know this post is a late but that just meant I had an awesome TGIF with my family.  Just wanted to start this Saturday morning off with this post and just have a positive frame of mind for the rest of the day.  Time really flies by when you are having fun.  Especially, this month which is my favorite month of the year.  What is also fun this year was participating in the Movember Foundation cause towards prostate cancel and other medical issues that effect men’s health.  If you knew that it was this month last year that I started my journey to becoming healthy and fit.  I wanted to promote the advantages of taking care of yourself more and the opportunities it opens if you do.  I am happy of such an amazing 1st year I had when I made the pivotal decision.

We should begin each day with a smile and thanking the universe or what we individually believe in for a brand new day and opportunity.  At the end we want to serve a higher purpose so we should be confident that the day is blessed with joys and happiness.  It is truly up to us how we create our day and how we learn from it.  People around us would like to rain down on happiness and joys but it will be our thoughts and reactions that will determine the outcome.  Don’t let it consume us with a negative mindset but thank the experience that it brings and a new stepping stone to move forward.  Every challenge we face are there to develop us and not destroy us if you let it.  That is what makes us unique and unknowingly inspires other to rise up.  There are already too many fears in the world created by people and have consumed many people to stay where they are.  Don’t let it rule your life and control your own destiny.

I’m happy that with what I’ve accomplished this month and can’t wait for next month to start another challenge group.  Next month is a month to propel us into next year.  It is a month of joy and happiness and when the human spirit is at its strongest.  Sadly, it isn’t happening year round but it is up to us to keep that spirit going for us, those we love and for our community.  A smile a day can make the difference to someone’s life.  It can relax someone’s soul and make them realize that today is just another day or that moment doesn’t have to effect the rest of the day.  You don’t have to do much to help someone.  A simple smile and a greeting can be the difference of someone’s journey.  Let’s end this wonderful month of Movember with a smile and greeting everyone we run into.

God Bless,

Ryan Jarata

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