May 8th, 2016 Journal: Day 7 of 21 Day Fix Challenge


To move the world we must first move ourselves.


Greetings Family & Friends,

Happy Mothers’ Day!  A beautiful sunny day to celebrate all special moms around the world.  They are the strength & foundation to a happy home & a happy family.  Happy Mothers’ Day to my moms and my beautiful wife.  They are extremely wonderful and their hard work and sacrifices everyday is why we enjoy love and peace at home.  Thank you so much for everything.

We enjoyed lunch this afternoon at Yanni Greek Restuarant for Mothers’ Day.  A lot of family friendly restaurants were busy with line-ups for parking and tables.  That is the love for all moms around the world. A truly special day and appreciation for what they do for their children.  And because of that my wife is working this evening and my own mother too.  That is dedication right there.

I did manage to get my 10 KM run in today after lunch.  It was really tough to do but with young kids you try to get things done with the limited time given.  I wasn’t feeling to good about this run from the start.  I was on pace for the first 15 mins of my run but fell 10 seconds behind on the 30 mins mark. Especially, heading back I had to run against wind.  With Mother’s Day it was very busy on the docks where I run. Needed to maneuver around people and pets. But to my surprise I was able to push hard for the 2nd half of the run.  I had to pray over and over again in my head to keep going. It hurt but I clocked in at 1:00:25.  5 seconds over my best time but I made it happen with obstacles in my way.

I may not be at my best yet but I did with what I have to work with.  I may not be perfect and I don’t tend to be perfect.  I just need to believe in something and believe in myself to battle myself sometimes to keep going.  That is all we can do in life is keep going regardless of the situation and outcome.  Time will always move forward so should we.  Just strive to be better everyday and if you have hiccups on the way then just accept them and get right back on it.  Keep moving because life will move on regardless if  you lay there.

God Bless,

Ryan Jarata & Family

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