June 11, 2016 Journal: My first bike for almost 30 years!


Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.


Greetings Family and Friends!

Hope everyone had an amazing day!  It kinda rained heavily this morning in Vancouver but didn’t stop me from making my 10k run from my house to work.  It really has been awhile since I posted but today was a big day as it mentions in the title.  I’ve been working out and doing some runs since my absence.  I can’t promise if I will be posting again but like all things, I will be working on my consistency.

Today marked a very special occasion that dated almost 3 decades ago.  I’ve passed down the torch what my dad has done for me way back in the late 90s and that is buying my son, Trevor, his very first bike.  Hopefully, he will find an interest in biking like I did in my early youth.  Since I was there, I also picked up a bike for myself… lol.

I thank Peter and the staff at CAPS bicycles in New Westminster.  Peter was very patient enough with my eldest son, Trevor and helped him pick out his 1st bike and helmet.  And we threw on a bike stand in there.  I also picked up a start bike from Peter to get me going this summer and the next few years until I save up for a real racing bike for me.  It will be a while before I get my legs and balance back but I’m looking forward to teaching Trevor how to ride a bike.

I’m doing all this for my 2nd Half Marathon this year on June 26th.  I’m hoping I can improve my time of about 2hrs and 4 mins.  My 1st bike has helped me become one of the fastest runners in elementary and high school.  Too bad I didn’t get involve of this much sooner.  Her, it’s a start then no start.  Keep pushing past the limitations you put on yourself and keep striving on improving yourself each given day.

God Bless,

Ryan Jarata & Family


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