June 26, 2016 Journal: Scotiabank Half Marathon 2016


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Greetings Family & Friends,

I hope everyone had an active Sunday!  Today was “Race Day!” I’m still feeling the effects from the Scotiabank Half Marathon. It’s still tight behind my right knee so it’s tough to go down the stairs.  Overall, I’m very happy that I’ve added another accomplishment to my journey and running resume.  Last year, I only did one 10 km race and that was the Vancouver Sun Run. Most of the summer last year was filled with hiking.  This year I’ve already done 3 runs: The Vancouver Sun Run; The BMO Half Marathon; and this morning I completed the Scotiabank Half Marathon.  Quite pleased with myself and trying to aim for the July 17th Fort Langley Half Marathon.

After having this mornings running experience, I was humbled and also put in my place.  It was a pleasure to have completed this race but at the same time there is so much room to grow. Part of that is staying consistent and motivated in my training and how I take care of my body.  It just doesn’t only apply to physical fitness & mental toughness but also how we conduct ourselves in everyday decisions and actions.  We are only given this one life to live and it’s such a blessing to have from our Great Creator.  It’s only fair that we should be making the most each given day and each grain of sand that trickles through our hourglass.  We need to really value what is given to us at the same time work hard towards our passion and what will define our purpose and legacy!

I’m extremely grateful for running this race with my good friend Sam, the husband of my running buddy, Shalyn.  Those races are sometimes lonely when you are pursuing your personal best it doesn’t have to be before the race and post celebration.  The wonderful laughs and sharing different stories on what we each experience during the race.  It brings a new reflection of what you did through the running shoes of another person.  It doesn’t even seem like the same race but at the same time it adds value and appreciation to what you just accomplished.  Running isn’t for everyone and it’s sad not to run along side each one of you that have congratulated me today but I’m extremely happy that each one of you pursue your passion.  Not just get around to it when you can but really live it as if it was your calling and  your identity.

Running has always been something I enjoyed doing from Grade 6 to Grade 12.  I stayed active till my early 20s but I let life take over who I will be in the workplace and gave it my 100% attention.  Which is what we should do in our source of income but at the same time we shouldn’t neglect our identity and what we are truly passionate about.  If your work/career is also your passion than that is superb!  You are making the most of your life and creating your legacy, your identity!  Sit down and really list down what you enjoy doing and what you can do to spend some time doing it.  It maybe rough year or two discovering your calling but once you do it will be what keeps you happy throughout all aspects of your life.  Stay thirsty in discovering new things about yourself!

God Bless,

Ryan Jarata & Family!



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