January 16, 2017 Journal


Anything worth doing is going to be difficult.” ―  Fauja Singh

Greetings Family & Friends,

Hope everyone had a great start to the week. Mondays are usually a drag but it can also be great momentum changer for your entire week. It’s just your point of view that can make a day even great.

I had a wonderful run on Sunday with the Running Room Burnaby Group.  A nice 13 km LSD (Long Slow Distance) run that was just full of laughs then pain.  Ran with my buddy, Sam and we just joked most of the time. Fun with our Coach, Albert and cheered on our friend Shirley as she ran past us. I personally enjoyed every stop light we hit… haha.  Stuff like this makes you forget that you ran 13 – 15 kms.

So I’m very excited for this week because I got this run out of the way and I just need to do 4 more smaller runs from here on out.  The workouts have been a challenge last week but I know each one completed is a step closer to being healthier, stronger and happier in life.  I will be able to keep up with the best of them and enjoy my runs than focusing on my running time.

I’m extra excited because of my dedication to get my runs in and my workouts has dropped my weight from 184.8 lbs to 180.4 lbs. I was as low as 177.8 lbs before the weekend.  On top of that, I’ve trimmed a total of 4 inches all around.  My weekly goal is still losing .5 – 1 lbs so I won’t kill myself trying to lose more for next Monday.  I’m simply glad that I have a nice buffer just in case I get the family gather like I did this week.

Overall, I spent my time just enjoying some conversations instead of being strict on myself like I did in the past.  Staying healthy can’t be sustaining if you isolate yourself completely from the rest of the world.  You will have off days because you are creating moments and memories with the people around you.  Isn’t that the point of living and creating content on your journey?  I would like to motivate people to be healthier and active but be realistic that it’s just a daily dedication of what you can do or a few choices made that can be scaled up over time.  Progressive is the key but not to the point you’ll injury yourself or quit too soon.  Make one choice a day and/or 5 mins of something active and go from there.

God Bless,

Ryan Jarata & Family


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