January 18, 2017 Journal


“If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.”


Greetings Family and Friends,

Hope everyone is having a safe Wednesday out there.  It has been a very eventful day at work for me.  I guess with the warmer weather people think it is safe to drive faster on the road. Regardless, if it snow, ice or rain drive safe out there. Trying to safe 2-5 seconds isn’t worth throwing your life away and those around you involved.  It still bothers me what this sudden action this person did in front of my 5 ton truck.  There is no way I was stopping on a dime. Luckily, my truck swerved to the left to miss their tail end.

I was able to take off work early and sleep it off.  I got finished my workout and will be preparing to go to the Running Room Burnaby for a 10 KM Tempo run.  It’s going to be wet outside but it doesn’t look as bad as yesterday night’s 6 KM run with the RR Clinic.  Yesterday was pouring and since it rained since the morning there was a lot of puddles out there. I step in a few of them.  I’ll will be using my new shoes today since old runners are still wet.

Yesterday’s Running Room Clinic was about shoes.  There was a lot of helpful tips that I didn’t new and will implement down the road.  One was that shoes start to deteriorate even if the shoes weren’t used at all.  Apparently, the rubber only have a shelf of 2 years before it loses that cushion for your feet.  The Running Room Burnaby claim that they don’t carry shoes over 2 years old.  Good to know.  Another tip was to rotate shoes instead of sticking to one till you use up the 500 – 800 kms.  Some of the instructors have 4 – 6 shoes that they rotate in a year depending on the conditions they are doing.  Especially, with the Full Marathon Clinic we log around 800 Kms so by the time you get to race day your shoe is done.  I made the mistake of using a brand new shoe on race day back in May 2016.  Though I finished with a great time, I had a black toe and still some aches on my right foot today.

A lot great information I’m learning from my Running Room Clinic and fun discussions with fellow runners.  It’s extra motivating to get out in the rain and snow when you have great company with you.  Though I don’t see these guys outside of the Running Room Runs it just brings that spice to life when things are routine.  Making personal progress together with like-minded runners is a lot easier and safer than going solo and deciding to stay indoors.  Do what you enjoy doing and focus your energy towards that craft.  Though life is filled with opportunities to explore.  Having that one craft to call upon brings serenity and peace to your life.  Stay safe out there!

God Bless,

Ryan Jarata & Family


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