January 23, 2017 Journal: Chilly Chase Run


Every artist was first an amateur.


Greetings Family & Friends,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday. Monday is extra special because it’s the launch pad for the week.  How you start your Mondays determines how amazing your weekend will be.  My Mondays are results day for how well I did last week and I did pretty well despite missing a few workouts and a 6 km run.

Luckily, I had a race yesterday that made up for my inconsistency in my training.  It wasn’t an easy run and I paid dearly for the days I didn’t train.  I still need to work on my consistency and it will take some time and some growing pains to overcome and battle my old self.  But I did mange still to get under 2 hrs for my race.  I was extremely surprised to get it though it was a battle for majority of the race.  I was fortunate enough to follow someone who had a consistent pace for the last 12 kms of the race and I thanked her after the race for pushing me past my limits and my inner voice.

I managed to achieve a time of 1:59.51 for my 21.33 km race.  Usually, a half marathon is 21.1 km but it was a little longer than expected.  Sam achieved 1:51:42 at 21.48 km.  Crazy fast!  What I was going through physically and mentally sold me at a 2:00+ time.  I was pretty much done around the 17 km mark and the young lady in front of me was already 32 seconds ahead of me.  I guess the foot steps behind me kept me moving forward and I just kept going.  Once I saw the finish line I turned on the jets and gave it my best. About 30 seconds gap behind me so I had the finish line all to myself.

It was a challenge but a positive race overall.  Though I’m still having doubts to my BMO Marathon (42.2 km) race coming this May 7, the training I had for 3 weeks got me through the Chilly Chase Race. Instead of letting doubt creep in I will continue my training with the Running Room Clinic with my T25 workouts and take it day by day.  Build my kilometers one at a time until I get to 42.2 kms.  I’m not sure what will happen but I won’t overthink it and just follow the program everything day.  Just trust that I’m getting strong each time I complete a workout, a run and proper eating.  Just get it done and repeat!

God Bless,

Ryan Jarata & Family


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