January 28, 2017 Journal: Happy Chinese New Year!


Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.

Greetings Family & Friends,

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far and Happy Chinese New Year!  It’s been a quite week so far and I really haven’t much to post about.  It’s been mostly running with the Running Room Clinic and on my own plus my workouts on top of that.  My next run is in 22 days, The Fort Langley Historic Half.  It still hasn’t been easy for me and feel aches and pains here and there.

My runs last Tuesday and Wednesday was a very fast pace with the RR Group.  Especially, with going down hill back to the store.  I posted under 5 mins for the last 2 kms of a 6 km & 10 km runs.  Maybe that is why I’m a little sore on my 7 km run this evening & my 9 km run on Thursday.  Tomorrow will be a 16 km LSD (Long Slow Distance) run.  Luckily, the pace will be between 6:22 – 7:11.  Times that I’m really comfortable of doing and that we will be doing 10 mins runs/1 min walk intervals.

I’ll be wrapping up my 3rd week of Focus T25: Alpha Round program.  It’s been a struggle still keeping up having correct form.  It’s been especially tough when I have runs also on these days.  Legs have been burning and aching for awhile now.  I bought a spiked rubber ball to massage my sore muscles and it seemed to help a bit.  Some of these tools are above my budget so the spiked rubber ball was all I was willing to pay for under $20.

Well, I’ll be posting on Monday to see how I did with my progress.  My weight last Monday was 177.5 lbs and lost -2 inches more.  It looks like it will be tough since I’ve been asked to eat with fellow co-workers for a few days now.  I’ve been doing a lot of activities so it kept that really close but we will see this coming Monday.  Hopefully, tomorrows 16 km run will help keep me on progress in the right direction.

God Bless,

Ryan Jarata & Family!


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