First Time in a Long Time


Every choice made adds up to the bigger picture. Are you keeping track?

It has been a very long time since I’ve posted. With that said, there is no point on describing everything that has happened to me because there is too many to list.

The most important thing is that I’m alive and well and back on track. It has been a see-saw battle with my weight and health during the last time I’ve posted. Do I regret it? Maybe. But I also have to remember all the memories I’ve created and all the friendships that I’ve forged during those times.

I’m currently 157 lbs from being 193 lbs back in July of 2018. I’ve changed the way I eat with Keto or removing Carbs from my diet. It has changed the way I feel and how I perform and recover from my runs and workout. All my friends and family have seen my transformation… again. And have decided to make those changes for themselves for the New Year.

What I’m currently training for is the BMO Vancouver Marathon for a 3rd time. I do have a challenge coming up that we dubbed, “The Triple Crown” or what I like to also call, “The Grand Slam”. Myself and 3 others will be undergoing 3 Half Marathons in 3 weeks. I will be attempting 4 in 4 weeks. Crazy? Yes! But who knows if we will do this again. Might as well do it now cause the future may change.

All my life, I never planned on going on a Cruise, staying at a cottage for a few days and other things we did but it happened and it was very rewarding and fun for my family. I’m all about creating content on my journey and creating a positive environment with the community around me.

I will try my best to blog more often this year but with work, family, training and running a part-time eBay business my time is very limited. Even sleep has gone down to 4-5 hrs a day which is not great for my health and recovery. But I’ve made a promise to make the most of each breath I get and each grain of sand I get of time. Make these choices now for tomorrow maybe a different story.

God Bless!

Ryan Jarata

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