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My name is Ryan Jarata, and I am an online eCommerce owner for various stores.

Having an online business has been a very rewarding experience for me and my family. It has given me time freedom to spend with them and take them on vacations and various outings. It has given me opportunities and choices that weren’t available working close to min. wage.

I’ve been working at my job since 1998 sorting mail and packages from 3:30 am to 12:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Lunch will be dinner time for me and a late-night snack would be breakfast. It has affected my health and my sleep pattern. Whatever sleep I get or exercise I would have to work even harder to just stay ahead of my weight that blew up.

My health is another story for another time but getting back to having an online business has helped me survive during the COVID-19 Pandemic. See, I’ve been laid off temporarily on March 30 so the company can stay afloat till customers return to business. I took the CREB, government assistance, to keep my head above water not knowing how my eCommerce business would be affected. At that point, it has not replaced my income at work because it’s a hands-on business so scaling up required more time and manpower which I couldn’t afford to do. I was simply worried about my family’s well being and our outlook for the future.

Fast forward to June, I was called back to work and what kept me through the two months of unknown was my eCommerce business. Since more people stayed home, the eCommerce and any business that operated online thrived. With the government assistance, which was still less then my income at the time, and my business doubled in sales and continues to stay there as of now. I was able to reduce my credit card bills to almost 50% and this was income with only one online source. I had a reduced income when I returned but I didn’t have worries any more. This is what an online business and working from home can do for you.

And with what I’ve learned through my online Coaches and Mentors, I can share with you their knowledge, experiences and programs I am using to scale my business and making additional income with less effort than my first business. Everyone has been hit some way with this pandemic. Some weren’t given the choices and resources needed to overcome it and can’t return to the norm. Will you be ready to survive the next wave or ride it out even longer? What do you have to lose in investing in yourself and trying out an already FREE software with an already experienced community to support you through the process and through the journey?

I can only help those that experienced the uncertainty of when the next cheque or source of income may come in to pay for the next meal or keep the lights on. Will you be the first person I can help from not letting that happen to you, your family or community? Let me know.

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