Gotta love leg days!  When you push yourself enough, you feel it the next day and that day is today for me…. lol.  Can feel it on my behind. Everytime I sit and stand up & everytime I climb the stairs. My upper body has heal just fine but now it is my lower body that is super sore. I even felt it on during my Pilates workout today and my abs workout.  But I’m positive about it because it reminds me where I am and that I’m getting better for tomorrow.

This afternoon I meet up with a wonderful couple who are promoting health supplements and planning to work together to provide and enhance results for those I’m already helping with their fitness and health goals.  I’m looking forward towards this partnership and provide natural supplements and nutrition to kick start and also maintain your results.

Summer is coming and I’m looking forward to the sunny and warm season and getting right out of the gates with momentum. Like the time during the festive season of December, people wait till January to begin their health and fitness goals. When you finally get started you already wasted time to maximize the month of January. Same thing applies here, when you start working out you already wasted part of your summer working out for quick results than doing a little bit each day and enjoying the summer season.

Hopefully, I heal up for my Cardio workout tomorrow. I enjoy working out from home and it has given me more time to spend with my family then driving to the gym. It works with my schedule and I can maximize and control my time.  2015 has been very bright and full of positive opportunities and wonderful memories. Would you rather enjoy your life or have an awesome & amazing life when you have the energy, fitness and confidence to maximize every moment that is given to you. Live like there is 25 hours in your day. Do more and be more every single day!

Ryan Jarata

Feeling it!


Man, I’m feeling it in my arms and my sides today. It has been a long time that I did any 30 min workouts and it shows. My 10 lbs weights are feeling a lot heavier than before and I can’t do as much reps as I did. It was the Vancouver Sun Run back in April 19th, that I did any serious exercise.  All I’ve been doing was my abs and some yoga the last few weeks. I also did a 3 day cleanse that was only 900 calories per day so I refrain from doing long workouts. Luck for me that today is leg day.

I finished up my 30 min workout on my legs and a 10 min workout on my abs to start out my day. I really hate any forms of lunges. Just don’t have the leg strength to lower myself slowly and rise up again but that only means that I’m improving myself.  But a workout earlier in your day gives you the burn you need to start out your day.

I also did a jog today for the first time. It was really tough since I started cramping up early but I did not stop at all. I paced myself when I started to feel the cramps but I refused to stop. I went on my regular uphill route because of my ‘Grouse Grind’ challenge up Grouse Mountain. Really need to get set for that big day and first experience. Looking forward to doing that this June and hopefully many more outdoor activities.  It is going to be an amazing summer.

Ryan Jarata

Back at it Again!


It has been awhile since I posted or got into some serious workouts.  Just been doing abs and stretches for the last 2 weeks. Finished my 3 Day Cleanse last week which took me down to 169.4 from 178.6 lbs.  That is a whoppin 9.2 lbs loss in 3 days.  Simple amazing!  I finally broke the 170 lbs mark and on my way towards 166 lbs which will help me claim the ’40 lbs Loss’ title.  But first I need to focus at one day at a time towards that next goal.  I want to be my very best before I scale up Grouse Mountain for the ‘Grouse Grind’ Challenge. It will be an amazing summer for sure.

Really tough balancing life with many goals that you want to achieve. Trying my best to balance: Faith; Family; Fitness; Finance and Fun.  I call that my ‘Star of Fulfillment’.  If you are missing any of the five then it is hard to have peace of mind.  You want to feel and be ‘complete’ so that you can be at your utmost best. You will feel the confidence and strength to overcome any challenges that come your way.

When you have this balance in life, people will take notice and want some of that energy from you. In order for you to help anyone you need to help yourself and feel complete. You can’t help anyone if you are not living behind the words that you share. You are just being a hypocrite or lying to yourself. Though you need to choose your words carefully towards certain people to uplift them but you know deep down inside that it is a grey lie.

Next month is June and I need to belief that is my deadline to be my very best. Summer comes once a year so I want to maximize it at all cost. It will be the most joyous memories of every year because it is full activities with family and friends. People tend to wait when it is staring them directly in the eye but I want to be ready from day one. Like a car needing maintenance, do you practice preventative or wait till a breakdown? Do you only see the doctor when something happens or do you prepare yourself before something happens. Health is important to optimize every aspect of life. Make sure you are always investing time towards your well-being!


Ryan Jarata

Last Day of Cleansing!


I was so excited with my weigh in earlier this morning.  I hit a new time low at 170.8 lbs and 170.1 lbs by the end of my shift.  Can’t wait to see what my final weigh in will look like tomorrow morning.  I’ve been waiting for almost 2 months to break the 170 lbs mark and it was such a teaser to see the scale at 170.1 lbs.  C’mon! Can’t you just minus those 0.2 so I can celebrate at least?!?! Haha!  Must be patient and keep up the good fight. I only have 5 hours to go on the program so I can wait to celebrate later.

It was really a challenging 3 day not from the program itself but from the temptations of foods and easy snacking. It’s the ‘Latte Effect’, even though it may seem small but if you tally it all up at the end of the year you can see how much you spent or consumed.  The 3 Day Cleansing program isn’t easy at all if you really love food but if you really want to make a positive change for the better than it is a nice small test before you go on actual programs or fitness centers.  We tend to do things when it is convenient but never to stay on too long when it becomes a hassle or doesn’t suit us.  Whenever I feel pain from working out, I use to stop till the pain goes away and that dissolves the results and gain any momentum. Writing goals and setting up dates is very important to making breakthroughs.

Why do we pay for things? Isn’t it for the results or satisfaction that comes from it?  I’m all for giving out free information, sharing my time and spending time towards creating results and success stories.  But I also notice that going the free way is short lived also and sometimes collects dust until Life gives us time. When we actually contribute towards something we tend to put time towards it.  We spent money on it so we want to see what it is all about as soon as possible. We planned for it and looked into the stuff that we really want to buy. Sometimes it lingers in our mind when we can finally get our hands on it.  If this program was given to me for free it might have been a different story.  It wasn’t planned for and maybe something I wouldn’t do unless I’ve been really wanting it but I took the next step and purchased it for myself.  Just analyze what has been happening in your life. If you are doing the same thing and nothing has work then mix it up for a change. Little changes go a long way!

Ryan Jarata

2nd of 3 Day Cleanse


Did well so far for my 1st day on my cleanse program. I did struggle with the morning part meal but I rationed it today instead of eating it all at once so that it last longer during my 8 hour shift.  I also struggled during my sleep. I ate my last meal too early or same effect of eating it all at once instead of rationing it out every 2 hours.  But staggeringly, I started at 178.6 lbs and went down to 174 lbs before my shift and ended my work at 171.6 lbs.  That is crazy stuff.

I’m not dying from any hunger. Feeling fine so far and I’m almost done with day 2. I’m just dying from the temptations of foods.  Saying ‘No’ to snacks and delicious foods isn’t easy.  That is kinda triggering my hunger even more but I really want to get past this 170 lbs mark.  I’ve been see-sawing around 173 lbs mark for almost 2 months now. 1 month to go before summer hits and I want to be at my very best before June or when I hit the Grouse Grind Challenge up Grouse Mountain.

30 mins workouts doesn’t work for me at this point.  I’m just doing a 10 min workout on my abs but I started getting a headache from it. Almost done so I’m looking forward to getting back up to my 1300-1500 calorie group from the 900 that this 3 day program meal plan.  But it is a good experience.  I can go without meats for 2 days and just have fruits and veggies with my shakes. I don’t know when will be the next time I will be doing this cleanse again since Summer time is a few months away. Possible in September again.  All I can say is that, this is truly a great jump start to any fitness plan or challenge you wish to do. I’m looking forward to my final results on Friday. 1 more day to go!

Ryan Jarata

Day 127: 1st of 3 Days Cleanse


Today I started my 3 day cleansing program for my May Challenge Group and training for the Grouse Grind in June.  Didn’t know what to expect since it is a 900 calorie/day meal plan which is stated in the guide. But it wasn’t too bad at all.  It is doing it for the first time that is the trickiest part but with some tweaks for tomorrow I should be fine.  After my 8 day break from the Vancouver Sun Run 2015, I put on about 7 lbs but managed to get that down to 3 lbs at the end of the day.  It was tempting to get side tracked with my mother-in-laws Filipino style beef stew but I managed to get by today.  Ended up taking an afternoon nap to charge up.

The plan isn’t bad at all. I’m eating, drinking and snacking every 2 hours so I’m not hungry at all and not tired so far. I might have to refrain from the 30 min workouts for now since my calorie in-take is around 900 per day up to Thursday. The shakes are not too bad but not the greatest either. More like water with a hint of flavor.  The meals comprise mostly of fruits and vegetables and some fats/oils/dressings.  It is mostly, the four shakes, tea and water that will fill you up for the next 3 days.  I’m okay so far. I am not fatigue and I lift freight at work in the morning. My mind isn’t tired or out of focus.  It is mostly me battling with myself.

“This is crazy!”

“Can I really do this?”

“I want a cookie!”

Feels like my days back in November again and questioning my ability to stick to it. I just know that I can do it because I HAVE done it! And it is ONLY 3 days and day 1 is already done.  I’m doing this during the weekdays where my challenge is eating every 2 hours during work. This weekend will be busy with the May-Pac Boxing match so I it will be tough to do it when it is a big family event.  I just have the confidence that Monday I am back in the trenches and working towards my health and the next challenge, The Grouse Grind!  Looks like my run will now include hills or inclines to strengthen my legs.  Should be good since I have a route to do that again.  With my tweaks for tomorrow, I should be ready to tackle that day and Thursday.  Started posting short videos on Instagram and Facebook to track my progress. Hopefully, it should be an experience. Wish me luck!

Ryan Jarata

New Challenge


It has been a while since I posted. After the Vancouver Sun Run, I’ve taken the week off from workouts and spent this week with family and friends.  I also used this week to look at other parts of my life and enhance them. I’ve discovered my strength in keeping healthy and fit but I need to also invest in other traits and raise them up.  Sounds like an RPG character in a game… lol.  Just enjoying this week with company and helping others with my story.  It has been a journey to discovering myself but it won’t be fulfilling if there isn’t anyone there to support you and cheer you on.

Next week, I will be back on it again and finish April strong into May.  I will be trying a new 3 day detox product to jump start my training in May. Going to do another 3 week challenge group toward a new challenge, The Grouse Grind. It is a 2.9 km hike up the side of Grouse Mountain. The elevation is 853 meters and the base is 274 meters above sea level. There is roughly 2830 stairs to climb. There are over 150,000 people that hike up the trail every year.  Looking forward to taking on this challenge when it opens up in June.  That will give me and my team about 5-7 weeks to train and really compete with our personal goals and being at our best.  Looking forward to doing this.

Doing the Vancouver Sun Run this year has opened new possibilities and opportunities.  A new discovery and enjoyment into life itself.  Though the run is 10 km long and challenging when you want to improve your time, the celebration of completing it can never be taken away.  I saw my video heading towards the finish line and I just had a big smile on my face. I thank my brother, Allan to being near the finish line so that I can challenge myself even more and just get past him before the line.  It was just smiles around.  But nothing beats the aftermath the next day and the rest of this week.  Just the positive support, feed backs and congratulations from friends and family. The 1:00:07 of challenge during my run is replaced with a weeks worth of positive energy and a hunger for the next challenge.  So I encourage everyone just to sacrifice a little of their ‘Comfort Zone’ and discover something new and gain something that is everlasting!

Ryan Jarata