December 18 Fitness Challenge: Can’t Sleep


It is not enough to take steps which may some day lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Greetings Family & Friends,

Hope everyone had a most excellent Friday.  Mine was a off night for my fitness.  Wasn’t really energized today at all.  Must have been the bake sale yesterday or the fact that I went to bed past 2 am.  Actually, I was feeling tired and sleep an hour ago and was about to head straight to bed and end some of my 2 month streaks this Friday.  All of the sudden I am just energized or my mind just keeps going on the endless possibilities that success and prosperity is just just around the corner or in the near future as long as I keep this drive going towards my passion for fitness and investing in real estate.  If anyone has been to my house, I have a couple of picture frames hung up on my office wall.  One is my “Code of Honor” & the other is my goal:

“By December 31, 2015, I will earn $5000/net per month!

I will do this through my fitness business & Through investing in Real Estate!

Once I achieve this,  I will donate $5000 to the Royal Columbian Hospital!”

More likely I might not achieve this at the date stated but a lot has happened to align me to that goal.  When I wrote that goal it was during or before summer time.  At first the fitness was coming from all my activities in hiking, running and just staying active.  The real estate investing part was totally different in what it is now with REIN (Real Estate Investment Network).  A lot has happened in this month of December and certain paths in since October.  Even my confidence has risen and relying on others to move forward has decreased.  I’m going to event on my own now.  I’m a big boy now…. lol.  But seriously, getting over what people think of me and what I think of myself is huge.  My current situation doesn’t define my future.  It is what I’m willing to do now that will path the way towards my dreams and passion.  Put aside my fears and knowing that my passion and joy to live life to the fullest will align people and situations towards my path and on to my journey.  There ARE wonderful people out there with humble beginnings even challenging than mine that are able to rise up and take hold of their destiny and they want to help and inspire others.  That is why I’m still up and just lost that fatigue that could have called this a night and prevented me from posting this.  It is from this success story: Nischal’s story that is keeping me up tonight.  This is the 2nd time I heard his story and his son’s story but it is very inspiring.  All I can say to myself, “What is my excuse?”

We tend to wait for all the lights to turn green before we put our foot on the gas.  That sets us up from not taking any action at all or taking too much of an aggressive action like going all in and hoping for chance or luck.  It isn’t about putting our bread money hoping that this is the one.  It is about constantly & consistently putting the time and effort in to grow yourself more each day.  From that, educated actions will take place that don’t put yourself and your family’s future at stake.  Seeking out professional and specialized help from people who simple love what they do.  Finding those that aligned with your goals and what you are truly looking for won’t be easy but will pay off huge when you find them.  Just stay true to yourself and life what you preach will attract those that will support and accelerate you towards your goals and dreams.  Continue to evolve!

God Bless,

Ryan Jarata



“The 2015 Vancouver Sun Run!”


April 19, 2015: No words can’t describe what feeling and emotions I went through heading there to finishing the big race.  It had everything that can’t be described with training alone. It really is ‘Game Day!’  There was a lot of people at the event, over 39,000 participants lined up at Downtown Vancouver. I didn’t know what to expect and joined the 1:45 hr group during registration day. Our heat actually got started 10 mins after the scheduled time. There was a chip/tracker on our bibs so it started counting as soon as I crossed the line. But before the race started, I needed to go…. lol. The line-up at the porta potty was long. Seriously long! I just decided to hold it in and maybe find another porta potty on the way if I decided to take a break. Luckily, it went away when the race started.

It definitely was a challenge from the start of the race. It was pretty much a weave through all those people from the very start. I followed my brother Allan’s advice and followed someone who I wanted to pace with. I just followed two ladies, on a team, the first 3 kms of the race until they started getting tired and switched to another person. I was feeling my road rage kicking in…. lol. Lane Hogs should be on the right side but I had to improvise. I stayed to the sides and had to walk on the sidewalk.  It was the only way to keep away from the dense crowd and having to weave through people. I had a b-line run and followed the person in front of me.

Finally came to the tough part of the race and the halfway point (5 km) of the race and it was a short uphill climb and then a gradual ascend across the Burrard Bridge. It was a funnel just before the bridge and I tried my best to follow somebody that found a route through the maze of people climbing the short uphill. This was also the time I started seeing people in different Heats. Mostly the ones that started 10 to 20 mins ahead of my group.  I was feeling confident at this point and started pushing myself up the bridge and then down the other side of the bridge. I had to go stay on the outside so I can avoid the weaving through traffic.

After the bridge and turning to the last 4 km of the race, I noticed another challenge and it was the turns. People like to hug those corners and I tried it a few times but it was like 3 lanes merging into a single lane. Luckily, I timed myself and picked my spots to hit these turns but eventually I had to stay on the outside on the final few turns to avoid the crowd. Allan said it was more time added to my offical time but I couldn’t afford to stop and cramp up. I wasn’t cramping up but my legs were feeling the inconsistent pace and weaving through traffic.  I ended up running next to our Family Friend, Ricco Yeung, who did the Royal Oak Challenge with us.  This must have been the 7 or 8 km mark.  He said that Allan was ahead.  I was happy to see him and ‘fist bump’ him to finish strong.  Then I went into another gear hoping to catch Allan.

The final turn onto Cambie Bridge and 1.5 KM remaining in the race. Saw a bunch of naked men with only their underwears on.  And the underwear was skin tone colored so there was a group of people stop to take photos… lol.  The generation we live in nowadays. So I was pushing up the on-ramp to the Cambie Bridge and it was another funnel. Stayed on the outside and time myself to find some openings to get through the crowd.  It was really tough and it was like another crowd of people pushing themselves to finish strong. I was impressed and encouraged with some of these people because they came to compete with their personal goals. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from and what fitness level you are in. It is about  how you finish the race.  I was motivated to empty the tank towards the finish line.

The pace really picked up on the final 400 meters towards the finish line. Sun Runians giving it their all and do their best.  My face was exhausted and you can see ‘tired’ written on my forehead. Then on the last 100 meters towards the finish line, I saw a grey jacket that looked familiar. Looked again and it was crystal clear. A surge of energy consumed me and intensity took over my face. It was my brother, Allan, nearing the finish line.  My ‘Beast Mode’ took over and my legs went into sprint mode.  I was closing in on the kill…. lol. I went in on the last 5 yards and zipped past him and smiled for my photo finish. With my glasses glimmering and body in perfect runner form in slow motion as I cross the line. Camera flashing and the crowd roaring, I turned around to see Allan.  He didn’t see me run across him and only saw me when I went to greet him. -.-  I finished with a 1:00:07 time for 10 KM and Allan was at 1:07:37 mins since he was a heat ahead of me.  It wasn’t my time of 58 mins on the track but the track didn’t have human obstacles to avoid.

My other brother, Ron, finished at 1:16:29 with the last Heat and was proud also that he finished the race.  If our dad can see us now, he would have been very proud of us. Our cousin, Carol also finished the race at 1:16:21. I was able to finally see her at the stadium where runners go to nurish up and rest & relax.  It was busy with long line ups.  Oh! Forgot to mention that I finally was able to use the washroom.  Heaven!  Too much info…. sorry! I was just happen that all this training and doing my best to eat clean and be healthy finally paid off.  I did something I never done since high school and I know I have so much to improve on to be and feel better.  It is hard to imagine that 5 months ago, November 24th, 2014, that I was 206 lbs with 4 areas in my blood work to clear up. Now I’ve completed a 10 KM run. It is my personal victory to myself and what I am able to do through commitment and support.  Anyone can improve as long as they have a strong enough ‘Why’, belief in themselves and align themselves with like-minded people and wonderful loving support. No challenge is hard when you have a driving force behind you!

God Bless!

Ryan Jarata

“The Night Before the Vancouver Sun Run!”


Hiking on Thursday. Picking up my VSR number and tracker & a friend at the airport on Friday and just doing all my errands today. What a busy busy 3 days it has been for me. Tried my best to stay clean for those days but I was hardly home and away from my prepared meal containers.  I left work with a weight of 171.5 lbs but I wasn’t able to stay with my meal plan after that.  I did my exercises and kept to my shake and supplements so hopefully that help negate majority of that unhealthy food.  Food really makes a big difference in how you feel during your workouts. Eating the right foods will give you that boost and focus in the workouts. It will be an ongoing battle but I stayed true to my workouts. Just need to get both sides in sync.

I’ve been in a split world the last few days as well. One side I’ve been staying positive and helping people out and the other side I’ve been battling myself on what I really want to do and the environment I want to be in.  It just seems that I don’t have time to do the first part and consume most of my day at work. Nothing wrong with my work. I’ve been there since 1998 and it has been my first and only job ever since. I pretty much grew up there and they since me grow from a teenager to an adult, a husband and a father.  But now with my improved health and my kids starting to step into another phase in their life, I want to be there more often.  I want to become more healthy and just do more in life.  The mind and body need to be in sync to perform at its peak.

Another new phase has begun again in my life. Another cross road or fork in the road has appeared again.  I know that eventually I will need to make a decision by September when my son starts Kindergarten but should I wait for it to come to me or should I take control of my destiny. Talking with my brother the last few days, destiny has been the hot topic or recurring work that has been coming up. I believe in keeping a positive mind, prayer and having belief in Him.  With that in mind that He is behind me, I stay proactive and keep pushing myself past my limits and new beginnings. Challenging my doubts, fears and what people think of me. Truly be in charge of my destiny and doing what feel right for me and those that I care about. Being the best that I can be so that I can uplift people to be at their very best also.  You can be at your best but a community is stronger together!

Ryan Jarata

“5 Days To Vancouver Sun Run!”


What a busy day yesterday was for me that I only got 3 hrs of sleep. Got my workouts in but sleep is important and today is Playoff time… haha. Actually, I’m writing this before the game starts. Just finished a 30 min jog around the block and want to catch up and update my status.  Will be working out between periods so I can burn off the late dinner food I had yesterday. Ended up adding 1.9 lbs of food to weight so I have to get a burn going to hit my goal of 165 lbs.  I have to even exercise for tomorrow because I will be helping my best man tour his relatives around town.

It really is a busy week leading up to the Vancouver Sun Run. Going to get one last run around the track on Friday to see where I am. I will have to eat clean for the next few day to feel great throughout my run.  I felt good today but I ran with my wife who hasn’t ran for a while so I didn’t really push myself throughout my 30 min jog.  I’m looking forward to big results and beat my 58 mins for my 10 K run.

Talked to one of my co-worker that I was helping with his fitness/health.  I was blown when he told me lost 15 lbs since he started.  15 lbs!!!  That is freakin incredible.  I even joked that his wife wasn’t feeding him enough to encourage him for his improvement but I never new how much it change him.  I don’t think I need to encourage him anymore since he is self committed. That is just amazing to help him with his 15 lbs lost. Another friend lost 6 lbs just taking the shake. Two other people lost 4 lbs & 2 lbs just using the free 7 Day Meal Challenge I created.  That is a total of 27 lbs for people just trying it out and not committing to the full program that I am doing.  At the end of the day, it is about helping others and creating your own legacy. Empowering!

Ryan Jarata

“7 Days to Vancouver Sun Run!”


What a great start to the weekly routine by gaining zero pounds from the weekends. Workouts makeup a big difference keeping the furnace burning even when you have to go out for dinner, lunch with friends or a quick meal. Jogging doesn’t burn too much calories but it does help a lot in my endurance and cardio.  I’m not feeling too sore from my 10 K run yesterday but can feel it when I stretch my muscles. After writing this blog, I’m going to finish off the evening with a 30 min Yoga workout from the 3 week program. This is my final week of the program so this Sunday will be a big test how clean eating and consistent working out pay off.

These last few days was a huge motivation in my confidence and a result when you do your best each day to stay healthy.  It is hard to stay 100% clean, 100% all the time. You have to enjoy life with your variety of family and friends. Yesterday was a good example of seeing friends I haven’t seen since last year. We usually are the biggest critic on how we do everyday and don’t notice the changes happen. I had positive comments yesterday from my friends and also today at work from my co-workers.  It just motivates me to keep going and focus on getting healthier for the Summer Season.

All I can say is keep going. Give a few seconds on what you consume and plan out your workout before you start the week or the day. It doesn’t have to be a 30 min workout or a workout. Any little thing done counts to the overall picture towards your health. Life needs to be enjoyed and made the most of so just do your best each day given towards your health. Every little thing counts and it is a life long mission to maintain your health. Getting to your desired goal requires working on it now but once you get there, the rest of your life and everything you decide to do with it is easy!

“8 Days to Vancouver Sun Run!”


Just got back from my run from the track. Wanted to see where I was for this week.  I know that I haven’t eaten properly this week because of a few parties and being sick.  Wasn’t too sure if I improved at all. Had a birthday party a 5 hours ago so I wasn’t expecting too much from this run but I was hoping it was better since running up Royal Oak.  Well, safe to say that my time was just about the same from my April 3rd run at the track. I felt a little slower but my time told me otherwise. My 10 KM time was just under 58 mins.  My actually time was 1 hr and 44 seconds if I compared it from April 3rd’s 1 hr and 40 seconds. I even had to pick up my speed on the last two laps to hit that time.  Good news is that I didn’t cramp at all or feeling too much soreness.  I just felt a little slower to my liking but I’m still happy that there is room for improvements. If I was religious with my workout program and had the same results then I would have been in a different mood… lol.

I am extremely happy to see some of my old friends. Time has gone by so fast and now some of them have children of their own.  It is truly a wonderful and life changing experience when it is us at the helm.  When I was younger I just attend these things with my parents but being a parent myself there is so much that goes into organizing a birthday party or a special family event.  Props to my best man and his wife, for giving their daughter her 1st Birthday Party. It wasn’t easy but everyone pitched in to help them out.  They are wonderful people and it shows on how many people attended the party and also helped out.

Support is a wonderful blessing. You accomplish a lot more in life when you have outstanding support.  But support shouldn’t be taken lightly or for granted. It isn’t a one way thing or a one time thing. It is a cycle that benefit everyone when everyone has the same mission with no questions asked.  A strong support is a team effort helping each other in their personal goals. If you build your team with the intention of helping them out, supporting them and celebrating their accomplishment then everything else falls into place.  Life shouldn’t be built with gains and no sacrifices. But we should also make sure we improve ourselves in order to offer support.  That is where we get into trouble when we look for something for offering our support. It doesn’t completely come from the kindness of our hearts.  Support is an act of giving without reservation. Only way the person can push forward, break through and reach their personal goal is to support them and free their minds from having to think of repaying you back. Life is about creating success stories and building your legacy.

“9 Days to Vancouver Sun Run!”


Decided to move my Saturday run for tomorrow.  It has been a really long day with a wonderful seminar from Scott McGillivray, Host and Executive Producer of Income Property. He isn’t just a pretty face on TV. The man knows his stuff and he knows what is going on.  Wish I could do the 3 Day workshop but already have plans on those days.  But I am aiming for the next Event in July.  I also had a wonderful lunch with my co-workers and discuss the future of our business ventures.  The future is looking very bright.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s run actually. Though the meal plan hasn’t been consistent especially for this weekend, I’m still feel that I am getting stronger. I finished 1 workout and worked on my abs as a replacement for my run this evening.  Tomorrow will be a true test on my endurance and see how long will it take before I start to cramp up. I think it was the 19th lap before I started to feel pain. I did about 26 laps at 1 hr and 40 seconds but seems like a long time ago so I’m not sure how I will do. With my cold/fever that took me out on Tuesday and Wednesday, I felt it on my Thursday challenge up Royal Oak. Tomorrows run will just include that uphill run and tonights workouts. Hopefully, it will be enough to shed some time off my current.

It is time to zero in on what I want and that is to really challenge myself on April 19th. To sum it all up, I need to focus on my meal plan and also focus on getting my workouts done and out of the way. Besides tomorrow’s run around the track, I will also be running this coming Wednesday and Friday. Next Saturday will be pure rest and mental focus. I think I will even turn off my phone once I co-ordinate with my teammates that will be doing the Vancouver Sun Run with me.  I’m still at 171 lbs as of Friday but I know that I didn’t stick to the meal plan this weekend. If I can hit my goal of 165 lbs before the Sun Run then that will be the icing on the cake. Still need to complete the cake next Sunday! Time to really focus these next 8 days!

Ryan Jarata

“10 Days to Vancouver Sun Run!”


Missed out yesterday’s blog for good reason. One was that I haven’t seen my brother’s best friend and family friend for many many years and is back from 1 year teaching in Japan. The other reason is that we also invited him to our training.  It was a nice square route but on the last part of the run is a straight 1 km run up a steep hill. We had no choice but to get up there because my van was up there.  If you are in my Facebook list then you will see the videos of us innocence before the run to our physical and mental breakdown through that uphill climb. I was pumping myself up at the base of the hill and just died after one street block. It was steep and I guess my muscles weren’t trained for that condition.  We didn’t conquer it but we did it and we completed it!

It might be awhile before I’m ready to do that again.  I even re-think my plans to do another uphill already that is steep but not as steep as the one we did but it is twice as long so it has a different kind of preparation.  But the good news is that I’m back to my lowest weight of 171 lbs. Could have gotten more but we ended up celebrating after we recovered from the run.  We haven’t seen him for many years so we had a lot to discuss, catching up to do and learning about life in Japan.  It was a very interesting culture and lifestyle.

My cousin and my other brother will be also joining me on this journey so that will make us 5 in a group. Ricco decided to join us also which is awesome. “I am the Tiger!” After not doing any exercise for a long time, he is still ‘Game!” 😀  I’m excited for my first time of doing a marathon. I don’t know what to expect but I hope the experience will make it exciting enough to do it again. The goal is to complete it and then challenge it again in 2016.  Hopefully, I survive this weekend with another round of parties but I did okay last weekend and only gained 2 lbs. Crossing my fingers for least damage for the last 7 days before the Run!

“12 Days to Vancouver Sun Run!”


Just got home from a wonderful meetup group. The rest last night helped me a lot and I was feeling a lot better than before. I’m still fatigued from it and didn’t push for today’s workout.  I’m not backing away though from Thursday’s jogging challenge which is a uphill climb on the last leg of the route. That will truly test mind, body and soul to overcome my inner voice and my current limit. I will take this extra rest to get ready for tomorrow.

What I really like to talk about is what I’ve learned from the guest speakers from tonight’s meetup group. A lot of it brings up two things in my mind and they are: Taking Action and Taking care of People/Network. We live in constant fear with ourselves.  It may range from public speaking, fear of rejection/judgement, to our simple fear of what to eat. There are many range of what we fear and how much we put into it.  I thank David A., one of the guest speakers, of bring some valid points to the group and some tips to change your way of thinking. The main one, and this seems to be said from successful people, is the ability to make decisions quickly. But go deeper into it, it is the understanding that we will have to make a decision anyways so make one that makes sense or you feel is a right choice for you.  You will have to deal with that choice anyways and the unknowns it will bring. Doing nothing, well, you can decide if felt right or fear that made that choice.

Taking care of people from the start will save you a lot of headaches in the future if the unknown doesn’t work in your favor, even if you did your due diligence. The path to success is never straight and if it was then we would have a world of successful people. It really is about relationships over a short term results. Some focus on the business side of things then focusing on creating the everlasting connection. Success also comes from who you know over what you know.  You may have a brilliant mind in whatever market you specialize in but if you don’t have the people to scale up, then you will constantly hit a road block or will have to go through the process again on your own. Having a team to leverage from, creates a more lasting success and momentum. You may sacrifice a mother load of a sale but you will be able to get that at the back-end, with less headaches and less work. If you structured yourself to help others succeed from the start, you truly be rewarded in the end and the quality of life improves day by day to self sustaining.

We want the quick results and time is a valuable asset that cannot be replaced. We can take care of our body to increase our quality of life but the unknown always plays a part. It is the ability of learning and experiencing how you attained that result is what is important. If we aren’t willing to do the work now and live better tomorrow then we will always will continue having this constant search.  We don’t focus on self-improving for a wonderful future but more of getting by for tomorrow.  Once we put a little effort towards self-improvement, then we begin creating time towards the stuff we really want to do.  But we live in fear and not getting the outcome and the results.  We focus on the quick results which is only a temporary solution. Are you getting ahead? Maybe? Are you creating more time and freedom into what you truly love to do? Well, only you can truly answer that. We all have our own paths we alone can walk but we don’t have to be alone in it. The choice is yours but make a choice, anyways!

Ryan Jarata

“13 Days to Vancouver Sun Run!”


Nothing much to report today. Been really sick this morning. Just was able to survive work but ended up leaving early to rest up. Now I feel worse after that nap.  No strength in my back, legs and arms. Had to call my work that I won’t be coming in tonight. If it was only a head cold I would be fine but no strength in my body. My blood pressure was okay and within normal range but I can hardly walk or stand up from sitting.  Anyways, I will just rest up tonight and load up on fruits and fluids.  Hope I get better before my Royal Oak Uphill Challenge on Thursday. If I can do that then I definitely can take on the Vancouver Sun Run. Give me strength, Lord!