REIN: January 2016 BC Workshop


Greetings Family & Friends,

Last Night I attended my first REIN(Real Estate Investment Network) BC Workshop and the experience is overwhelming.  This wasn’t my first event with REIN but my first event as a member of REIN.  My first event for REIN was back in November 2014.  I was a guest of Brian Chen who is a member of REIN.  I’ve met Brian & his lovely wife Nicky at a Meetup up group I’ve been attending a few times last year.  They became host of this group with Bai & his brother Bo Jiang.  The group has evolve since my very meetup with them back in the later months of 2013.  This is a wonderful group to be around and give lots of value not only for real estate education but also personal development component that they added last year.  It happens once a month and I will be attending again this January 13th to kick off the New Year!  It is from this group that I first heard about REIN.

I haven’t looked into the history yet but REIN has been around for over 20 years. Some of the members I’ve seen there were guest speakers at the meetup group that I attend so I’m looking forward to re-connecting with them.  It was just a wonderful night.  I was really nervous though to be among veterans & successful real estate investors.  Obviously, I will belittle myself from all this experience in this theater room.  But I’ve heard a few of their success stories & humble begins and I understand that we all started from somewhere in this industry.  I’m just beginning my journey but I won’t be alone which is the exciting part.  I just need to overcome my fear to interact with people and not knowing what to say. 🙂

The event was filled with lots of valuable information.  I’m still new to the game so it just went over me like last time but I know by immersing myself in the environment will create layers that will become my everyday language.  That is how I see it.  We aren’t born knowing how to speak our 1st language.  It takes time to see repeating actions and listening to sounds that are connected to those actions.  Eventually, hearing the same sound over and over again will form words and words will start to connect and form what will be your native language.  It is hard to learn a second language but practice makes perfect and being surrounded in that environment will change how you think also.  I’m looking forward to that moment when it all makes sense.  In the meantime, I need to do my part and show up and ask questions.

I’ve met 3 new people at this workshop: Hansel, Kevin & Taylor.  Apparently, a new component that they added this year to help members connect with other members. “Connectworking” was created by REIN CEO Patrick Francey to create that bridge of meeting new people and expanding your network.  Most importantly, you create friendships for the next coming workshop and that is why I also attend the Meetups.  Build that connection and also show that I’m committed to staying on my journey.  I will commit myself this year not to be that “On & Off” guy again that was part of my past.  I’m am moving into a new stage of my life for my growth & the future of my family.  Success is created by results but results are created by staying consistent on your journey to grow.

There is so much to learn and so much more to know members.  I may not have much to offer yet but I can follow and I can support.  It’s my core values but I’m also transitioning myself to a new component of being a leader.  I’ve always been a follower but I must train myself also to be a leader because there are those that trust me to succeed.  I can’t let them down by giving up on myself.  I owe it to myself to see what they see in me.  We are our own number 1 naysayer.  Our thoughts can easily derail us when things get out of hand.  So we have to get out of that environment and into one that shares your passion and has been to where you want to be.  I’m confident that REIN will finally give me that dream that I’ve been holding on since 2001-2002.  To own my first investment property and invest in real estate.  It’s a big crowd but that will soon shrink when I get to met new and re-connect with people each month at the month REIN Workshops.  I’m looking forward to my growth on this journey!

God Bless,

Ryan Jarata & Family!