Changing How You Eat


As you may know, not fueling up with the right
nutrients can affect how well your body performs
and your overall fitness benefits. Even though
healthy eating is important, there are myths that
hinder your performance if you listen to them.

Below, you’ll find some myth busters on healthy

1. Working out on an empty stomach.
If you hear a rumbling noise in your stomach, the
rumbling is trying to tell you something. Without
listening to them, you are forcing your body to
run without any fuel. Before you exercise or do
any physical activity, always eat a light snack
such as an apple.

2. Relying on energy bars and drinks.
Although they are fine every once in a while, they
don’t deliver the antioxidants you need to prevent
cancer. Fruits and vegetables are your best bets,
as they are loaded in vitamins, minerals, fluid,
and fiber.

3. Skipping breakfast.
Skipping breakfast is never a good idea, as
breakfast starts the day. Your body needs fuel
as soon as possible, and without it, you’ll be
hungry throughout the day.

4. Low carb diets.
Your body needs carbohydrates for your muscles and
the storing of energy.

5. Eating what you want.
Eating healthy and exercising doesn’t give you an
all access pass to eat anything you want. Everyone
needs the same nutrients whether they exercise or
not, as well as fruits and vegetables.

6. Not enough calories
Although losing weight involves calories, losing
it too quickly is never safe. What you should do,
is aim for 1 – 2 pounds a week. Always make sure
that you are getting enough calories to keep your
body operating smoothly. If you start dropping
weight too fast, eat a bit more food.

7. Skip soda and alcohol.
Water, milk, and juice is the best to drink for
active people. You should drink often, and not
require on thirst to be an indicator. By the time
you get thirsty, your body is already running a
bit too low.

Changing how you eat is always a great step
towards healthy eating and it will affect how your
body performs. The healthier you eat, you better
you’ll feel. No matter how old you may be, healthy
eating is something you should strive for. Once
you give it a chance, you’ll see in no time at
all just how much it can change your life – for the

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Wrapping up the Weekend!


Enjoy sometime out with the wife at a Mexican Restaurant that we wanted to try for awhile. We both worked yesterday so we didn’t join in the special day festivities. Probably for the better, saw the waiting list paper work for yesterday and it was really long. It is okay with us because everyday we celebrate life and our love for each other and our two boys. They are our world and we will do our best to give them the best opportunities to be fit, healthy, active and many paths of opportunities.

I did two 30 min workouts today. One was for tomorrow but from now on I will be reserving every Monday as my healing and Yoga Fix Day. I do not want to make the mistake of stressing my body and compromising my form and ability to push past my limits for the other 6 days. I will be starting to breakdown my goals by weeks instead of 3 weeks. Still be doing the required workouts for my main workout program, Focus T25: Beta Cycle and keeping my meal regiment with the 21 Day Fix Portion Control program. I will top up here and there each day with 10 Min Trainer, Pilates Fix and outdoor activities. Going to make either Saturdays or Sundays a 30 min jog.

I’m feeling really good now and with my outlook in life. I know I have something that will keep me fit and healthy. With that also, I know new doors and opportunities will open up for me. People are starting to take notice of my changes and it is up to me to work to be better each and everyday. I know that I’m not a machine but I will strive to be an example because people depend on me to break barriers and ceilings. Life has put clamps on us and we preceive them as chains when they are actually ropes or strings depending on your fitness level… lol. We can do it as long as we challenge ourselves each day to be better. Better than we were yesterday!